by toogie ( edited 29 Aug 2015 ) 23 Nov 2010

This is a dress and reversible jacket I made for my granddaughter. The whole dress and other side of green jacket is embroidered. I had to admit before you get too carried away, it was purchased already embroidered.Ha! I cheated, only had a short time to make outfit. I do think it is a pretty piece of fabric,though.(ps, yes that is me holding her) personal photo removed by toogie


by oaro 23 Nov 2010

You did lovely job Great picture

by mysew1325 23 Nov 2010

beautiful work.... and darling picture..

by noah 23 Nov 2010

Wow what a nice piture & great sewing Grandmother!!!carolyn

by keeponsewing 23 Nov 2010

This is BEAUTIFUL fabric! The dress turned out gorgeous! Your GD is darling and I love the hairbow in her hair. Are those mitten's for her hands? Great Idea. She looks like a million dollar baby to me. :)

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keeponsewing by keeponsewing 23 Nov 2010

oops sorry, that is a purse instead of mittens. I apologize. lol. (maybe if you have enough fabric left over you could make matching mittens and hat. LOL

by rwalden 23 Nov 2010

It's a pretty outfit. She looks gorgeous in it. Thanks for sharing your photo.

by dilceia 23 Nov 2010


by airyfairy 23 Nov 2010

What a lovely outfit and I love the little matching bag. Too cute.

toogie by toogie 23 Nov 2010

Thank you, you noticed the bag. She carried the wedding rings in it. This was her Moms 2nd marriage. Her real Dad left her because Claire is handicap and he couldn't deal with it.His loss. My daughter met & married a wonderful christian man ( after much hearache) @ a church where she gave her testimonial, (she had gone though cancer, treatment, the loss of a child( Claires identical twin) and her husband walking out! Her faith got her through. This man is so good to Claire and her brother who is 7, 2 years older than her.And of course Mom!

keeponsewing by keeponsewing 23 Nov 2010

What a wonderful testimony she is living... Thank you for sharing this.

joann7657 by joann7657 26 Jan 2011

We serve an awesome God.

by castelyn 23 Nov 2010

What a lovely picture of you and your Granddaughter. Her outfit is lovely, well done *4u Hugs Yvonne

by pennifold 23 Nov 2010

Well done on the dress. It looks great on your grand-daughter. Isn't it lovely to be able to make beautiful dresses for your grandchildren?

Love and blessings Chris

by juanitadenney 23 Nov 2010

Lovely dress and looks so pretty on your granddaughter. Flowers for all.

by mops Moderator 23 Nov 2010

The dress is adorable and so is the jacket. Nice work!!

Don't you just love those ready embroidered fabrics? Imagine having to embroider that yourself - would take ages!

by shirlener88 23 Nov 2010

Toogie, great to see you - you did a lovely job with this beautiful embroidered fabric for this stunning dress and jacket - your GD is so ADORABLE - I would be hugging her, too. *4U

by jasanne 23 Nov 2010

It is a very pretty outfit, well done

by milas 23 Nov 2010

Lovely dress,lovely girl!!!

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toogie by toogie 23 Nov 2010

Thank you very much