Colors: 3 

Letter C

Design #: 576757
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 2.28"(w) x 2.60"(h)
Size (mm): 58 x 66
Stitches: 2800
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c berryfont
BB734 by BB734 18 Nov 2012

Love it.

Vega by Vega 18 Nov 2012


sheltielady by sheltielady 18 Nov 2012

Thank you lovely design

veletti by veletti 18 Nov 2012

danke !

mamyrock by mamyrock 18 Nov 2012

merci beaucoup

nolletmichelle by nolletmichelle 18 Nov 2012



debcarlson by debcarlson 18 Nov 2012


meid by meid 18 Nov 2012

erg leuk

madrocki by madrocki 18 Nov 2012

very nice thank you

ilse48 by ilse48 18 Nov 2012

muchas gracias ,, i que paso con la B saludos de Chile

kuttage by kuttage 18 Nov 2012

Thank you

favymtz by favymtz 17 Nov 2012

thank you so much for continuing with this beautiful font!

grannycowpuncher by grannycowpuncher 17 Nov 2012

Thank you, this is a lovely font.

cookiecrum9 by cookiecrum9 17 Nov 2012

thank you so much for your kindness...

janel66 by janel66 17 Nov 2012

what a perfect pretty alphabet for the holiday. THANK YOU for sharing your talent with all. Happy and healthy holidays to all!!

klaessle by klaessle 17 Nov 2012

thank you, but wheres the B?

gigimaus by gigimaus 17 Nov 2012

Thank you

gigimaus by gigimaus 17 Nov 2012

Thank you

drro by drro 17 Nov 2012

Will the B in the Berry font be posted? Thank you!

Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 17 Nov 2012

Thank You BUt why the switching around of alphabets?would be easier to get all of one first BUt ok Ill try to keep up !! and I do Thank You !!

kayakquilter by kayakquilter 17 Nov 2012

thank you:)

fayrog by fayrog 17 Nov 2012

what going on with the alphabets

teresanta by teresanta 17 Nov 2012

Grazie, ma manca la Lettera B

asahi by asahi 17 Nov 2012

Grazie.... ma manca la lettera B

asahi by asahi 17 Nov 2012

Grazie.... ma manca la lettera B

grossfamilie by grossfamilie 17 Nov 2012

Thank you - love the berry alpha much more than the snake alpha and I hope we will be able to dl the B-Berry also. Couldn't get it yesterday. Maria

mtjoylil by mtjoylil 17 Nov 2012

Thank you Very Chrismissy!

jolanda by jolanda 17 Nov 2012

mis de b graag repost

pamlamb by pamlamb 17 Nov 2012

Many thanks

barbarafay by barbarafay 17 Nov 2012

Thank you!

annatjievdw by annatjievdw 17 Nov 2012

Beautiful, thanks a lot.

sewdenise by sewdenise 17 Nov 2012

Thank you!

markus by markus 17 Nov 2012


sewdeb by sewdeb 17 Nov 2012

Thank you.

dena by dena 17 Nov 2012

free little snowman

ullis by ullis 17 Nov 2012


sarlin by sarlin 17 Nov 2012

Il me manque la lettre D je ne pense pas avoir oublier un jour est ce que quelqu'un aurait la gentillesse de me l'envoyer

pariseri by pariseri 17 Nov 2012

Yesterday I wanted to download the B from this font. But the font I got was one with a snake on it. How can I get the B that goes with this font.
Thank you for your help.

remko25 by remko25 17 Nov 2012


dawnsray by dawnsray 17 Nov 2012

thank you

dee by dee 17 Nov 2012

thank ypou I missed the 'B' which I need

gypsylady1 by gypsylady1 17 Nov 2012

Thank you for this beautiful font!

1reader37 by 1reader37 17 Nov 2012

Great! I love these berry letters.

fargramma by fargramma 17 Nov 2012


MariaIsabel by MariaIsabel 17 Nov 2012

thank you for change the font, the new one is better than the previous one

MariaIsabel by MariaIsabel 17 Nov 2012

thank you for change the font, the new one is better than the previous one

marciaje by marciaje 17 Nov 2012

Thank you!

lorak by lorak 12 Feb 2011

All of the fonts are so beautiful it's hard to know which to choose, but I really think the berry font would be my choice. Thank you so much for making all of these.

cris by cris 14 Feb 2008


nurselilly by nurselilly 14 Feb 2008

Thanx for the C my daughter will love it on a towel take care all

lizette by lizette 14 Feb 2008

Thank you for the lovely designs.

elekurzanova by elekurzanova 14 Feb 2008


theprincessboutique by theprincessboutique 13 Feb 2008

Thank You so much for your kindness in sharing these free fonts!

slovenka by slovenka 13 Feb 2008


trudie by trudie 13 Feb 2008

Thank you so much. Berryfont is beautiful.

puff by puff 18 Jan 2008

I don't know if I just missed C or if for some reason it didn't download for me but I hope when the alphabets is through you will run it again. Love your designs.

280449 by 280449 17 Jan 2008

dank je wel heeft de letters a en b gemist

hoop dat ze nog een keer komen

wilder by wilder 17 Jan 2008

Thank you

deborrahr by deborrahr 16 Jan 2008

I really like this font. Thank You!

mermaid by mermaid 16 Jan 2008


melaniez7 by melaniez7 16 Jan 2008

Very Elegant! Thank you.

sevels by sevels 16 Jan 2008

Thank you-Davor

dianes030753 by dianes030753 16 Jan 2008


sandralochran by sandralochran 16 Jan 2008

thank you

arlene1942 by arlene1942 16 Jan 2008


meemaws6 by meemaws6 16 Jan 2008

It's Cold here and getting Colder. Just right for those berries. Thank you.

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 16 Jan 2008

I can not wait until I can get back to my embroidery projects so that I can use this. I really like it the first time I saw it.

pinette by pinette 16 Jan 2008

bonjour, très beaux les motifs du zodiaque ainsi que l'alphabet. mais il me manque quelques lettres que dois-je faire. Merci de me lire. j'attends vos propositions. Pinette

minirose by minirose 16 Jan 2008

Beautiful C, thank you!

de105 by de105 16 Jan 2008

Thank You

debbie45 by debbie45 16 Jan 2008

lovely thank you

a1lotte by a1lotte 16 Jan 2008


ramona by ramona 16 Jan 2008

Really LOVE this font. Lets not forget about the Christmas font and Firebird fonts. Please keep voting on them. Thank you

francoisen68 by francoisen68 16 Jan 2008

Merci beaucoup !

attardi by attardi 16 Jan 2008

grazie cia0.........

msadventure by msadventure 16 Jan 2008

lovely thank you

ritageysen by ritageysen 16 Jan 2008

dank u voor c

kalif by kalif 16 Jan 2008

thank you.

geneabroderie by geneabroderie 16 Jan 2008

J'aime beaucoup ce joli alphabet, avec ses baies rouges... Merci beaucoup !!

maja1905 by maja1905 16 Jan 2008

Thank you

ryabinka by ryabinka 16 Jan 2008

Beautiful C!!! Thank you.

naehfee by naehfee 16 Jan 2008

echt super danke

bonita1313 by bonita1313 16 Jan 2008


freida by freida 16 Jan 2008

Thank you

hunybear1 by hunybear1 16 Jan 2008

Thank You.

scorpion43 by scorpion43 16 Jan 2008

merci beaucoup

peardrop by peardrop 16 Jan 2008


damaris by damaris 16 Jan 2008

beautiful fonts thanks

maeeast by maeeast 16 Jan 2008

C is just too cute. Thanks

sylviasews by sylviasews 16 Jan 2008

Lovely! Thank you so much!

annyn by annyn 16 Jan 2008

Bedankt voor de C.

armani by armani 16 Jan 2008

Truly a beautiful font and "C" is a great addition!! Thanks!

juanitadenney by juanitadenney 06 Jan 2008

I believe this berryfont alphabet is the best so far.

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 05 Jan 2008

These are beautiful. I've just looked at them on Embird and they look like little cherries.

fanfanstrep by fanfanstrep 04 Jan 2008


elaine1814 by elaine1814 03 Jan 2008

out of all the fonts I like this C the best so far

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