by toogie 23 Sep 2010

metI thought I wanted to try and make these for little xmas gifts. I think I changed my mind.1st not happy stitching on corduroy, my letters are too narrow and doesn't show well. 2nd I attached clear vinyl with my lining and had to use tearaway or tissue paper so wouldn't stick to machine on ALL seams. All in all, too time consuming. It really is a small bag about 7 1/2 inches square finished.I just made up the pattern.


by mops Moderator 25 Sep 2010

It looks great and I love the saying you put on it. A Teflon foot will make a difference when stitching vinyl. Wss or heat-away will help when embroidering corduroy, but too narrow letters will always be a problem no matter how many layers of wss you'd use. Still it's a lovely bag.

by marthie 25 Sep 2010

Well done. It looks just great

by noah 24 Sep 2010

Very nice & well sewen!!Carolyn

by oaro 24 Sep 2010

I like it Great job

by rwalden 24 Sep 2010

It looks great.

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toogie by toogie 24 Sep 2010

Thanks, but I am disapointed that my cut away shows if you look close.

by designgirl 24 Sep 2010

Great idea.

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toogie by toogie 24 Sep 2010

Last year, one of my teenage grandsons brought a girlfriend over for xmas lunch. We always open gifts after eating so luckily I try to always have something new for gifts.Anyway, sneaked a bagged gift under the tree with her name and she was so appreciative that I "remembered" her. ha ha! She never knew how last minute it was! This year I wanted to have extras on hand as I have 3 teen gs and you never know. ha

by embroiderymad 24 Sep 2010

Looks good, maybe a water resistent fabric would be easier then the vinyl.

by stickmuster 24 Sep 2010

beautiful cometic bag, you used a nice fabric *******

by leenova54 23 Sep 2010

It is very cute though, maybe a different fabric would make it easier. Wouldn't help me, I rarely wear make-up but I have a ton of it and it is all over the house, lol. I never use to leave the house without mascara and eye shadow but I guess I got lazy and hubby of 34 years doesn't seem to care.

by mysew1325 23 Sep 2010

I love this... wonderful job..

by shirlener88 23 Sep 2010

toogie, I think it looks great - but you are the one making them - if it is too much work - that is never good to make a bunch of them. Hope you find another project soon. Hugs, Shirlene