by dianned 08 Jul 2010

This is a cushion I just made for my granddaughter Erin. I'm making a quilt for her in the same style, I've done all the embroidered squares (this bunny, a puppy, a cat, baby elephant, foal and penguin chick, all asleep) and now I'm making up the quilt squares - the cushion was a test run! When it's all finished I'll post a photo and put the embroidery files in Designs By Cuties. Love from Dianne x x x


by sorval 09 Jul 2010

oh this is sweet i love it
hugs Sonja

by edithfarminer 09 Jul 2010

It is truly soooooooo cute and beautifully done, thank you for telling how you joined the material. Very interesting

by tiply 09 Jul 2010

Very nice

by shirlener88 09 Jul 2010

Dianne, this is adorable and I can't wait to see the quilt and see the other designs. Thank you for being willing to share them with us, too.

by quiltgrama 09 Jul 2010

very cute

by quiltgrama 09 Jul 2010

very cute

by mysew1325 08 Jul 2010

so sweet ..

by dilceia 08 Jul 2010

Dianne, its cushion this wonderful! Congratulations! Very good taste in the combination of the colors... simple!

by softhearted1 08 Jul 2010

How cute! Your granddaughter will love it :)

by grammalou 08 Jul 2010

Your pillow is adorable, i can't wait to see the quilt. Thank you, for sharing

by embroideryforfun 08 Jul 2010

That pillow is just darling! I'll be looking forward to these files in designs by cuties because I make baby quilts and give them away, and those designs would be fun to make a quilt for some little one.

by kalinelson 08 Jul 2010

What a precious pillow....I'm sure Erin will be so pleased....looking forward to seeing the quilt....thanks for sharing.

by daisy530 08 Jul 2010

All of your projects are beautiful!

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Jul 2010

Lovely work. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt, Erin is a lucky little girl

by nini 08 Jul 2010

So beautiful, Dianne! Love it!***

by heidi1 08 Jul 2010


by tauberschmitt 08 Jul 2010

lieb, wunderbar

by lenamae 08 Jul 2010

Dianne how cute is this? I love it.'Lenamae

by lenamae 08 Jul 2010

Dianne how cute is this? I love it.'Lenamae

by sewingnonni 08 Jul 2010

Very cute!

by rwalden 08 Jul 2010

This is just darling. Can't wait to see the quilt.

by noah 08 Jul 2010

This is excellent Dianne I am sure she wil lovvvvvvve it !!God BlessCarolyn

by milas 08 Jul 2010

Very beautiful!!!

by gerryvb 08 Jul 2010

oh so lovely!

by alex71 08 Jul 2010

Very nice *

by harleysville 08 Jul 2010

This is just beautiful. I would love to know how you sewed the cushion. Did you fold the edges under on all of the squares and then used decorative stitching?

So beautiful and thanks for sharing.

dianned by dianned 08 Jul 2010

It isn't "true" patchwork - I embroidered the bunny and then cut it out as a diamond (using a square of acetate for a template) and ironed the edges under and pinned it straight on to a square of toning fabric (the plain - actually a faint marbled pattern - pink) and sewed them together with a feather stitch on my machine, then I did the pink triangle border through both fabrics too. I then turned the edges of the pink in to make it a square with the corners of the cream diamond in the centres of the sides and pinned that on top of the pink gingham. This was the hardest bit because the print of the gingham wasn't quite square with the selvedges so I had to stretch it askew to make it fit! I managed it in the end and stitched it on with a different fancy stitch, then hemmed the gingham (by now square) with an even border - about and inch and a half I think - then pinned all THAT to the floral background and stitched it on with a diamond satin stitch pattern! The back of the cover is the same rose print and I made it with an envelope opening so it can be taken off to wash. I do intend stitching the quilt with pieces rather than layers because it will take too much fabric, and also be rather too heavy, if I make it the same way as I made the cushion cover.

harleysville by harleysville 12 Jul 2010

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell how you did this. Just saw today. I love the fabric, the stitches, the color...everything. Can't wait to see the quilt completed.

by mops Moderator 08 Jul 2010

Oh, I love your sleepy bunny. Can't wait to see the others. As always - great work!

by stickmuster 08 Jul 2010

Ohhhh Dianne, this is sooooo sweet! I like it!!!!!

by eleen 08 Jul 2010

I can not wait this is so adorable. Just love the combination.

by lindalee757 08 Jul 2010

Oh, how sweet