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by nualaa 19 Jun 2010

This quilt was made for Gabby who sadly passed away before she saw her picture in the Kourageous Kids Calendar. Our guild makes quilts for the childre from their art work.

I have not embroidered anything on this quilt but I wanted to share with you. The centre was taken from Gabby's picture and I had found the Angels that were a B.O.M. online. I traced them on to white fabric and then coloured them in with crayon's and colouring pencils. I heat set them when I was finished. I felt like a kid again while doing this quilt. Her parents just loved the quilt and her 3 brothers want quilts too. I said if they gave me a picture I would make a quilt for them, but No - they want Gabby Quilts just like their sisters. I thought that was so special.


by stickmuster 20 Jun 2010

very nice quilt ****

by nualaa 20 Jun 2010

Thank you all for lovely comments. The day we presented the quilts was very special.

by oaro 19 Jun 2010

wow this is lovely work

by lbrow 19 Jun 2010

wonderful *

by rwalden 19 Jun 2010

Such a special quilt made by a special lady.

by lenamae 19 Jun 2010

this is just wonderful your really a talented lady and generous to do all thi for the children.

by designgirl 19 Jun 2010

A lovely special quilt.

by eleen 19 Jun 2010

All these quilts are so beautiful and precious.

by gayle950 19 Jun 2010

very nice, well done

by ygarrone 19 Jun 2010

I love these quilts. Could I ask if you used special crayons and colouring pencils?


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nualaa by nualaa 19 Jun 2010

Hi Yvonne,

I used Crayolla colouring pencils (reg type) and a good quality water colour pencils without wetting them. When I was finished I covered the picture with paper towel and kept the hot iron on it for as long as I could without burning. I did this a couple of times to make sure it was set. I used a glitter paint in the same way to give some hightlights.

by ygarrone 19 Jun 2010

What a wonderful idea for the kids and a lovely quilt.

These lovely quilts are bringing tears to my eyes.


by greysewist Moderator 19 Jun 2010

Such a nice thing to do for them. It's lovely and heartwarming as well.

by mops Moderator 19 Jun 2010

A very special quilt!

by harmzen 19 Jun 2010

stunning, sure you enjoyed every moment

by castelyn 19 Jun 2010

Well done it looks great. *4u

by shirlener88 19 Jun 2010

This is so special - no wonder her 3 brothers wanted a Gabby Quilt. Hehehe!