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by elkety 04 Jun 2010

Hi cuties

I made this for my sister as a present, but it is still not complete . It need a beautiful WELCOME on the roof.
If someone have one or know where I can get one ?
Thanks for your help.The embroidery design I take from here.

Regards elkety


by castelyn 06 Jun 2010

Elkety, Well done *4u

by stickmuster 05 Jun 2010

very lovely ***

by psssst 05 Jun 2010

If you tell me the size and format you want it to be I can make a "Welcome" for it. I will post it in designs by cuties.

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elkety by elkety 05 Jun 2010

Hi pssst
Thank you for your help.
The size I need is 5.5 inch long and maybe 1,5 inch will do.I have more space so don,t worry if it is a little longer.

Regards elkety

by shirlener88 04 Jun 2010

Loely work.

by elkety 04 Jun 2010

It is for a front Door.
Thanks a lot for your comments.

by oaro 04 Jun 2010

great idea for a front door to

by mysew1325 04 Jun 2010

very nice work..

by harmzen 04 Jun 2010

what a beautiful idea, tks for sharing