by elkety 21 May 2010

I'm going every tuesday to a Quilting group.

Our Queen Bee open her house for us .
We are about 10 ladies and everyone brings his sewing work with him .
So we sit there together and have a lot fun . Also if someone needs help ,there
help each other.
So I made this for our Queen Bee as a thank you gift for her for opening every week her house for us.
How you like it ? Do you think I must change anything on it ?
If you look in the left corner there is the Queen Bee and behind her there are we.
I made it with my new Brother innov-is I machine.
It is my first Embroidery project.
I hope she like it.


by teun 21 Feb 2015

Sieht toll aus

by pldc 21 Feb 2015

your first project is wonderful & I'm sure your queen will treasure it!~hugs~

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pldc by pldc 21 Feb 2015

UGH 2010

by Shisha 21 Feb 2015

Very nice Elkie! I can't believe this was your first embroidery! I never did the Tuesday group but I know how much Evelyn enjoyed these gifts! I miss seeing all your work! Eileen

by ethan 24 May 2010

Hi Elkie

We had such a great night last night. Quilts were beautifull, food delicious and the company was so good. I could see that Evelyn had tears of joy when you presented her with your picture, she loved it. See you Tuesday night at the Queen Bee's house in Riyadh. G

elkety by elkety 24 May 2010

Hi Gladys
I enjoi it too to be there with all members. It was so nice to see how much she like the embroidery present.

See you tuesday by our Queen Bees house

ethan by ethan 24 May 2010

Yes elkie, see you Tuesday.G

by elkety 22 May 2010

Hi all cuties
I wan't to thank you all for your comment.

Regards elkety

by roslyn 22 May 2010

Nice one for a first try on the new machine. Can't wait to see more

by lflanders 21 May 2010

I am sure Evelyn will appreciate your Thank You for all she has done. It is sweet of you to do this for her! Pretty!

by oaro 21 May 2010

very nice job

by clawton 21 May 2010

Nice gesture and beautiful picture.

by nini 21 May 2010

She'll love it, for sure! It is very beautiful!***

by shirlener88 21 May 2010

Very nice work!

by marietta 21 May 2010

She is going to love it. Well done.

by stickmuster 21 May 2010

very nice ***

by eleen 21 May 2010

I bet she will - I do.

by rsehorse 21 May 2010

I don't understand why you dated it May 23rd? Tuesday would be the 25th.

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elkety by elkety 21 May 2010

Hi there , because she will get it on the next Quilt meeting on sunday night infront of all members from the Quilt Club.

Regards elkety

by castelyn 21 May 2010

I'm sure Evelyn is going to love her gift, well done *4u

by mysew1325 21 May 2010

this is great...