by migs 22 Nov 2009

This was my first run; made a few mistakes, corrected them & will do better on the next now I know what I'm doing. It's actually an easy sew.


by queenofhearts 13 Dec 2009

Does anyone have the instructions for this towel? I first saw it on Embroidery Library but when I went there tonight to print the instructions I could't find on their projects page anymore.

by waterlily 27 Nov 2009

Very Pretty! You have done a beautiful job!

by quiltgrama 27 Nov 2009

It looks good. Just dont take it off the stove. Every time my mother or sister take theres off to wash they call me to fix it back on. Hugs

by jrob Moderator 25 Nov 2009

You did a great job as far as I can tell. That's a great pattern.;)

by lbrow 25 Nov 2009

Teriffic job Migs. Isn't it great, we learn as we go. *

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migs by migs 25 Nov 2009

thk you, yes we can at times can't we

by castelyn 25 Nov 2009

looks great, well done *4u

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migs by migs 25 Nov 2009

thk you

by michelej 24 Nov 2009

Lovely job!!

by manami 24 Nov 2009

Very nice!

by designgirl 23 Nov 2009

Very nice,for your first try.

by dlmds 23 Nov 2009

Very nice. H&*

by oaro 23 Nov 2009

nice work

by noah 23 Nov 2009

Nice designs i think i saw them some were???????????????/

by 10tje 23 Nov 2009

Very nice, Migs!!*

by clawton 23 Nov 2009

I tried them a while back also. Once you figured out what to do it was easy.

by embroiderymad 23 Nov 2009

I did see this project at

by stickmuster 23 Nov 2009

very nice angel design ********

by iris2006 23 Nov 2009

I don't see mistakes :0) You did a great job

by sewincindy 23 Nov 2009

Great job... may I ask where you got the pattern for this. I love the style looks alot easier to to use than buttons. Thanks

migs by migs 23 Nov 2009

One button is used here. I was afraid someone was going to ask me where I got the design; I thought it was but I checked the projects & didn't see it. Maybe I just missed it?

sewincindy by sewincindy 24 Nov 2009

I did a search on sewforum and found the link to it on emblibrary, its called a topsy-turvy towel.... I am new here so I am not sure if I am allowed to post links. Thanks for sharing your wonderful picture and I am excited to start one for myself.

migs by migs 25 Nov 2009

you can always post the link in the freebies; so glad you found it. I was a little rushed when looking so hoped I had just missed it; but so good at missing things lol :)

quiltgrama by quiltgrama 27 Nov 2009

I beleive there is a design by cutie for the " v" part. You could look, it may have been Megs.

sewsue by sewsue 27 Nov 2009

how do you search for something a person did? or how do I find something that Megs posted??

by marthie 23 Nov 2009

Job well done

by marthie 23 Nov 2009

Job well done

by shirlener88 22 Nov 2009

Very nice towel and happy to hear it was easy to sew. *4U