by migs 22 Oct 2009

this is a nitie for grandaughter. It's a simplicity pattern; I think it might be a little long, but what the hey! It's 100% cotton, lite with little raised dots. Quite dainty I thought. Ercu lace, also tried to match the ribbon. It wasn't difficult to make, just a little fussy in areas.


by kezza2sew 25 Oct 2009

Oh how beautiful, there is nothing nicer than 100% cotton IMO. Even I would love one like this only bigger of are one very neat sewer..

by dkjack 25 Oct 2009

Lovely. Great job!

by designgirl 24 Oct 2009

What a sweet nitie for your granddaughter.

by lbrow 24 Oct 2009

Very nice Migs. Reminds me a lot of what I wore as a little girl, only mine were made from bleached out flour sacks. Grand mother put tiny little tucks above the ruffle so they could be let out as I got taller. Also tatting instead of the ribbon. Can u imagine? Tatting on bleached out flour & feed sacks. Still they were so dainty looking because the fabric was real thin. *4U

by lenamae 23 Oct 2009

yhis is lovely so danty

by stickmuster 23 Oct 2009

very great *****

by ezzemml 23 Oct 2009

beautiful nightie looks like an angels gown.

by juanitadenney 23 Oct 2009

The nitie is very pretty and your granddaughter will look lovely in it. Good that it is a little long as she can grow into it. **4U

by mops Moderator 23 Oct 2009

A lovely little nigthie - she'll look like a princess wearing that!

by castelyn 23 Oct 2009

Marg, this is lovely, she is going to look like a princess/angle in it, well done *4u

by waterlily 23 Oct 2009

Very elegant! Beautifully done!

by jrob Moderator 22 Oct 2009

Suitable for royalty!

by oaro 22 Oct 2009

Beautiful work si will love it !

by shirlener88 22 Oct 2009

Oh my goodness - what a lovely nightie - she will feel like a princess. *4U

by lflanders 22 Oct 2009

This is very pretty! I know she will love it! It may be 100% cotton but it is dainty looking also! I bet her eyes light up when she sees this!