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by dkjack 05 Sep 2009

This is the first bag I made to see if I could do it. Was disappointed in the puckering between the bottom of the pumpkin and "or treat". Not bad but still puckering. On all the other bags I did use medium weight stablizer and they turned out great. I'll take this one along for me to put any goodies I might purchase - like Disney designs - I hope. The bags are of a satin type finish but have a rubber type backing. I had thought (my first mistake) they were heavy enough not to need stablizer. I think the rubber backing made the slipping of the fabric. Just my opinion. So glad this project is completed.


by michelej 07 Sep 2009

It looks pretty good!!!

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dkjack by dkjack 07 Sep 2009

Thanks Michele

by designgirl 06 Sep 2009

All the bags you did are great, your grands will love them.

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dkjack by dkjack 06 Sep 2009

Thank you.

by shirlener88 05 Sep 2009

Deb, it looks good - how many did you make or how many of you are going? *4U

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dkjack by dkjack 06 Sep 2009

Made 6 counting this one. Whew! DH can't go so it just us 6 again. I'm becoming a regular when they go on vacation. :) We have so much fun. They are always so good to me.