by grobin 30 Aug 2009

One of the Cuties had the website for the instructions for this project. I downloaded the instructions and made this pillow for my granddaughter. I want to keep it for one of her Christmas presents, but I am anxious for her to see it also.


by marymilf41 11 Sep 2009

very nice i know what you mean i have 3 grandchildren and its very hard to hold on to stuff i make but she will enjoy it for christmas have fun mary

by workbecky 10 Sep 2009

This is lovely. I love sewing for my granddaughters too! :)

by angelgirl62158 10 Sep 2009

I probably shouldn't use this website to brag, but I just can't help it!! Grobin is MY mother and I'm sooo very proud of her. She thoroughly enjoys making her designs, but enjoys them even more when she sees the look of the face of the recipient. She's done probably 'hundreds' of designs, none that I could ever choose as my absolute favorite.

Thank you one and all for your encourages words to her, and for your votes!


by vixentlc 31 Aug 2009

It looks lovely Grobin!

by lbrow 30 Aug 2009

I just love it. Love thse colors & u have done such a nice job *

by waterlily 30 Aug 2009

This is such a great idea! You did a great job!

by shirlener88 30 Aug 2009

grobin, this is a great project and one that I am sure that Olivia will enjoy - whenever you give it to her . *4U

by iris2006 30 Aug 2009

WOnderful christmaspresent your GD will love it.

by jrob Moderator 30 Aug 2009

You did a wonderful job. She will be so excited!

by castelyn 30 Aug 2009

Grobin, this is lovely, your granddaughter will love it, *4u

by grobin 30 Aug 2009

I forgot to say the alpha O is embroidered. I did not want to use the felt.

delorisreid by delorisreid 30 Aug 2009

Can I also get the name of this website for the pillowcase. Thanks

jrob by jrob 30 Aug 2009 thanks for Suzette for posting this.;)

by marthie 30 Aug 2009

Wonderful!! Lucky granddaughter. I went into the website and down load the instructions. Is it easy enough 4 a novice?

grobin by grobin 30 Aug 2009

Very very easy.
Could you please send me the name of that website, I forgot to bookmark it.