by marlakay 15 Aug 2009

I bought this new looking t-shirt from a second hand store during their bag sale. It was $3.00 for everything that you can fit in a brown grocery bag. I got a lot of great pieces of clothing to practice/embroider on. I showed my mom my purchases and she liked this shirt. I used a free design from the Cute site. She loved the flower that I put on it and that I surprised her and gave her the shirt. The leaves are really dark green - they look kind of blue in the picture.


by gerryvb 17 Aug 2009

looks very pretty

by auntbaba 17 Aug 2009

Very nice! I'm sure that your mother was pleased.

by marlakay 17 Aug 2009

Thanks for all of your nice comments!

by lbrow 16 Aug 2009

I like your kind of thrifty shopping. U have done a nice job on the flower marla *4U

by marjialexa Moderator 16 Aug 2009

How elegant, and such an affordable gift!! The Cute design is just perfect on the shirt!! Hugs, Marji

by michelej 16 Aug 2009

What a bargain and the shirt looks great...

by marymilf41 15 Aug 2009

that what i like a very good bargin to make it even better

by mysew1325 15 Aug 2009

job well done...

by castelyn 15 Aug 2009

Well done Marla, it looks great, *4u

by shirlener88 15 Aug 2009

Great job - CUTE project!

by beeboomer 15 Aug 2009

I love the colors of the design with the shirt. Very nice! (I have that design and should try it!) Thanks for putting up such a nice picture.

by mad14kt 15 Aug 2009

Lovely ;D *2U

by mops Moderator 15 Aug 2009

It's a lovely design and it makes your bargain tee something special. Thanks for sharing!

by daisy530 15 Aug 2009

Very cute little flower.

by designgirl 15 Aug 2009

What a nice design to dress up the neck of a tee shirt.

by waterlily 15 Aug 2009

What a great way to dress up a T-Shirt! Very nicely done!

by edithfarminer 15 Aug 2009

Wauw what a bargain, looks great

by claudenicolas 15 Aug 2009

Nice design for the T-shirt