by jasanne 14 Aug 2009

A few weeks ago my daughter comes home from school with her friends pencil case - "mum can you put a picture on it for..." so this is what I did. The dog looks a little like her dog and the girl is really sporty so it sort of fitted. I am told she was happy the next day when my daughter took it to school. I'm not sure what her mother thought though!


by lbrow 16 Aug 2009

I just love it when kids come in & want mom or grand to do something for a friend. that means they r proud of us & what we do.. adorable *4U

by michelej 16 Aug 2009

Very cute!!

by mops Moderator 15 Aug 2009

I bet her mum loved the dog too; job well done! *4U

by sherylac 14 Aug 2009

what a lovely little dog and looks great

by shirlener88 14 Aug 2009

What a cute dog and I just bet the Mother was pleased for her daughter. *4U

by mysew1325 14 Aug 2009

sew cute..

by jallieg 14 Aug 2009

such a cute dog. Nice job.I would be happy for my daughter. lol

by marymilf41 14 Aug 2009

very nice i like it mary