by louise2333 27 Apr 2009

I want to thank you all for the warm welcome. Here is my first embroidery project. I make these soft sculpture dolls as special orders. This was for a Valentine Swap.


by sharimarie 05 May 2009

She is priceless! I bope who ever received it in te swap appreciates her. She really is adorable. It is hard to believe that was your first attenpt at a project with embroidery. Super Sweet!

by cuddlebear 03 May 2009

She is gorgeous and your embroidery is fantastic, well done. Welcome to cute and I hope to see more of your lovely work in the future. Cheers, Claire

by nini 02 May 2009

Welcome and my compliments! Your doll is absoluteley adorable and the embroidery has beautiful colours!***

by iris2006 02 May 2009

How darling, you did a great job on the doll and the embroidery on the dress.

by jrob Moderator 30 Apr 2009

What a wonderful job! Love the doll.....She's adorable!

by mops Moderator 30 Apr 2009

The doll is very sweet and your embroidery very nice. I love the borders!

by lbrow 30 Apr 2009

This is so sweet. *4U

by dlonnahawkins 29 Apr 2009

This is just too cute. I remember doing these when my girls were smaller. But - back then we did not have digital camera, and no pictures were ever taken. The ones we made wore size 0 baby clothes, and they had fun dressing them. This is great. Good placements for your embroidery too. You said first embroidery? Great!

by meganne 29 Apr 2009

OH CUTE AS!!! Well done and the embroidery looks wonderful for your first project. Most people have problems doing borders or aren't even game to attempt them, especially as a first timer. Congratulations!!
What machine do you have?
hugs n roses, Meganne

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louise2333 by louise2333 30 Apr 2009

Thank you for your kind words. I have a Singer SE350 that my husband bought me for Christmas.

by manami 28 Apr 2009

So cute! Well done, Louise!!!

by modo 28 Apr 2009

nice work*

by stickmuster 28 Apr 2009

What a lovely doll!!! Beautiful dress, i love the color ****

by castelyn 28 Apr 2009

Welcome to cute. this is so beautiful, well done. Bet the person who received this , loved it.looking forward to seen lots more projects posted * 4 U from Yvonne

by shirlener88 28 Apr 2009

Louise, how sweet is that? Oh my - what a CUTE doll and that outfit is adorable - we hope to see many more projects from you - way to go lady. *4U Shirlene

by waterlily 28 Apr 2009

You did an amazing job! It looks beautiful!

by migs 27 Apr 2009

How cute, they remind me of the Cabbage Patch dolls; such a cute little outfit. Your a very talented lady

by kharriman 27 Apr 2009

What a beautiful little dress for a beautiful doll!!! *4U

by katydid 27 Apr 2009

great job !!! Looks like the cabbage patch kids from Cleveland, Ga.

by daisy530 27 Apr 2009

She's a real cutie-pie!

by lesflowell 27 Apr 2009

love your project and welcome +*4u les

by designgirl 27 Apr 2009

She is darling,and the outfit is beautiful.Welcome to the Cute Family, you will grow to love this site,like we all have. Lynn

by sorval 27 Apr 2009

great work and lovely doll and design flower or you gr sonja

by momabear 27 Apr 2009

so sweet and pretty

by michelej 27 Apr 2009

Wow, beautiful and welcome. Hope to see many more of your projects.....

by vixentlc 27 Apr 2009

This is soooo cute! Well done and wecome!

by marlakay 27 Apr 2009

She is just darling! The embroidery on the dress just adds so much to her cuteness! Great job. Thanks for sharing this. It brought a much needed smile to my face. Also, welcome to the cute
embroidery site.