Colors: 8 

Letter A

Design #: 248605
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 3.15"(w) x 3.19"(h)
Size (mm): 80 x 81
Stitches: 11600
Colors: 8 Color Chart: View | Print
ART csd dst exp hus jef pcs pes sew vip xxx
a cow alphabet
baleinepapillon by baleinepapillon 24 Aug 2007

Très sympathique cette vache dans le A;


engela by engela 28 Jul 2007

Hope to see more of this one

njangka by njangka 27 Jul 2007

These are very cute. I love them.


collectsnoopy by collectsnoopy 27 Jul 2007

I can hardly wait. I own a few longhorn cows, and I ned the letter E so I can use it and embroider my name - of course, if I had all the letters of my name, would be even better and I couldput them across the back of a shirt
You have the A, only a few t

nunzia by nunzia 27 Jul 2007

very good anna

cutiepie by cutiepie 27 Jul 2007

Yay, we're getting the Moo-Cows! I'm tickled pink!! Does this mean that maybe eventually the two 'M' monogram letters here on the site will be joined by others to make complete alphabets? That would be SO cool. =]

jrob by jrob 26 Jul 2007

AWESOME! I love it!

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 26 Jul 2007

This is beautiful so different from other fonts Well done .Its going to be a winner

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ART csd dst exp hus jef pcs pes sew vip xxx