by jasanne 02 Mar 2009

I made a pencil case out of denim with silver shot through it, and stitched this unicorn on one side, and my daughters name on the other. Pretty sure the unicorn came from ATW. I loved this fabric, thought my daughters would, and they did till they found it was 'too itchy mum' so now I have a whole lot in my stash that hasn't been stitched up...


by castelyn 07 Mar 2009

Looks great

by marietta 03 Mar 2009

What a lovely idea, I just love unicorns, and have a whole file full of them.

by mumfinch 03 Mar 2009

very nice

by gerryvb 03 Mar 2009

nice design

by kttyhwk4 03 Mar 2009

Really could use part of your stash making those pot holders I've been seeing on here.

by shirlener88 03 Mar 2009

Very cute - does the fabric still itch after washing?

by designgirl 03 Mar 2009

Really cute design

by manami 02 Mar 2009

So cute!!!

by lbrow 02 Mar 2009

Looks like you're making good use of it so far. this looks teriffic *

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jasanne by jasanne 02 Mar 2009

True, but I could make about a zillion pencil cases with what is in my stash! I need to come up with some more creative ideas. I bought enough to make the girls (4) a pair of pants each with extra for the cousins cos I thought it was neat fabric, and it was on special! Oh well...

by lenamae 02 Mar 2009

very cute.