by sand 01 Mar 2009

This year for Shrovetide my little girl didn't want to be a princess again. But she still wanted to be pretty, so I made this forest fairy dress for her.

I don't know if Shrovetide is celebrated everywhere, but we have it on the 23th of february. Children dresses up and a barrel gets beaten until candy falls out. Sometimes the children is going from house to house singing and gets candy.


by castelyn 08 Mar 2009

What a beautiful little forest fairy she must have been. Love the colours *4U

by mysew1325 05 Mar 2009

your dress is beautiful ... stunning work... this is a pretty design for a child's dress up dress.. think I will try it for one of the granddaughters.. I need imagination for others.. thank you

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sand by sand 05 Mar 2009

The skirt is 3 layers of transparent and very soft fabric. One of the fabrics are used for the top, but with not-transparent fabric beneath. Happy sewing.

by ddoersch 05 Mar 2009

Just Darling...

by lorettag28 05 Mar 2009

You little fairy must have been the prettiest of them all. Great work.

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sand by sand 05 Mar 2009

:-) At least her mother thought that....

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Mar 2009

This is beautiful, what a lucky daughter. It is interesting hearing about traditions in other countries

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sand by sand 05 Mar 2009

I have 2 purposes for being on this site. Embroidery inspiration of course and then I just love to hear about the differences in the world. People are very good at telling stuff, I learned at lot here about other countries.

by adali 02 Mar 2009

Very beautiful.

by adelmarie 02 Mar 2009

It looks great, I really like the color combination, just perfect!

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sand by sand 03 Mar 2009

Thank you. I was a bit worried, have never tried such a combination, but it turned out OK.

by gerryvb 02 Mar 2009

it's beautiful, she must be proud to wear this beauty!

by lenamae 02 Mar 2009

this is really beautiful she will look lovely in this.

by jallieg 02 Mar 2009

Hej Pia. Dejligt at se jeg ikke er den eneste dansker herinde. Kjolen er super sød, er modellen ikke far stof&stil. Har vist lavet den til min niece sidste sommer. KAn se du har en Rose, jeg har en Iris. Hvor bor du henne i landet? JEg bor i Herning. Jannie

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sand by sand 02 Mar 2009

Hej Jannie. Ej hvor sjovt. Jo modellen er fra Stof og Stil, jeg har også planer om at bruge mønstret til sommerkjole. Jeg bor mellem Århus og Silkeborg, tæt ved Låsby.

Please forgive us. We come from such a small country and are not used to "meet" one another "out in the world". We are just discussing where to buy the pattern for the dress and where we live.

by manami 02 Mar 2009

This is lovely, Sand! I'm sure your daughter was beautiful in this dress. Well done!

by workbecky 02 Mar 2009

Beautiful dress

by jrob Moderator 02 Mar 2009

What a beautiful dress.....I'm sure she looked just like a fairy in it.;)

by cuddlebear 01 Mar 2009

Beautiful dress, your little girl must have really loved it.
Cheers, Claire

by shuede 01 Mar 2009

Beautiful dress. Great colors!

by grandmamek 01 Mar 2009

The dress is lovely. Sounds like the children have fun on this special day for them

by migs 01 Mar 2009

lovely little dress, I'm sure she looked beautiful.

by jasanne 01 Mar 2009

We celebrate Shrove Tuesday however it is more of a Christian festival, rather than a general one. Traditionally we eat pancakes and have games and lots of fun before the beginning of Lent the following day, being Ash Wednesday. Your daughter must have looked so sweet in her fairy dress.. my girls would love it :)

by lbrow 01 Mar 2009

What a beautiful little forest fairy she must have been. thank u for sharing, but next time take the pic with the little doll n it so we can see her too. *

by kathyjt 01 Mar 2009

This is beautiful.

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sand by sand 01 Mar 2009

Thank you.

by shirlener88 01 Mar 2009

OH Pia, this is so beautiful - your little girl must have been so lovely and she had to feel so special wearing this for the Shrovetide. Marvelous! Shirlene

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sand by sand 01 Mar 2009

Thank you. Yes she was pretty, my little fairy.