by caydebug 10 Feb 2009


This is the clown I have tried to digitize. The front of the design is smooth. I know I have to change the outline, but the rest of it is perfect. The back is not good at all. The purple, orange, red, blue, yellow and white, is just fine. The peach on the face and the green are aweful. Some of it is smooth and some of it is really thick and loopy. Any suggestions. Front side is the first Jpeg and the Back side is the second


by michelej 12 Feb 2009

Looks good to me...

by lenamae 11 Feb 2009

looks ggreat I don't know what to say to you I have worked on a design for a week and whebn=n I brought it into design center to set stiches to it I had no design just a bunch of lines it looks great in the drawing.

by lbrow 10 Feb 2009

Wish I could help but haven't learned to digitize yet. this side looks good *

by migs 10 Feb 2009

An excellent effort......really cute design. Practise makes perfect LOL