by dpickel 20 Dec 2008

I should know better! Live and learn. Did not test this out first. Part of the pattern is missing (bottom part of hair). I have had the disc of designs for a while and not used any of the patterns. Today I have been attempting to use 2 of them, and ran in to problems with both! I have since (re)located the digitizer via the net and e-mailed her. Hopefully she can fix (or has already fixed) and can send me a new file. UGH. This is a Christmas gift too. Crap. I realy didn't need this. :( Furthermore, the jump stitches SEW. So I am having to pick out stitches. You will see colour dots all over the place that I have yet to remove - that's where the machine started (so it's knoted) and harder to remove - especially while trying NOT to stretch a part-spandex shirt. I need a drink.... LOL Cheers!


by castelyn 21 Dec 2008

what a pity.
A flower 4U anyway

by gerryvb 21 Dec 2008


by stickmuster 21 Dec 2008

lovely design, ********

by marjialexa Moderator 21 Dec 2008

Oh, I'm so sorry this happened to you! First, try to fix it with the hints the gals gave you. Second, I'm afraid I have to agree with LadyB, below, I'll bet it's not a legal design. It's either copied from somewhere & has lost information in the copying, or it's badly digitized hijacked artwork. Please remember, these licensed designs are not going to be cheap unless they're illegal. Caveat Emptor. Hope you can get it fixed. Hugs, Marji

by michelej 21 Dec 2008

Oh sorry this happened to you. Hopefully they will replace it or fix it up. But it won`t help now being so close to xmas....have that drink, and relax. Merry Xmas to you....

by emily16838 21 Dec 2008

I'll join you for a's a challenge.....cute design though

by lenamae 21 Dec 2008

I hate it when this happens some times I don't stitch out first so as not to wast thread but I have picked a lot of stuff out .because of it but the paint does work so dont be afraid to try it.

by elaine45 21 Dec 2008

Sorry you had so many problems..I know how you feel.

by mariahail 21 Dec 2008

Honey, don't worry, get some acrylic paint, and with a toothpic paint that area, nobody will ever know there in anything wrong there.Trust me, it works.LOL ******

by mpo14011 20 Dec 2008

I have left possible explanations for this disaster in Community

by migs 20 Dec 2008

how annoying; glad thou your able to get it fixed. Best of luck!

by jrob Moderator 20 Dec 2008

Yikes.....I'm sorry...sometimes I'm tempted not to stitch out, but thanks for the painful reminder....bless your heart...If all else fails, try to just drop your feed dog and manually move the hair design underneath, in the regular sewing mode, like free hand quilting.

by 1ladyb 20 Dec 2008

That is such a nasty thing to happen especially when you are pressed for time. The reason for the bad design is because I'm sure it is a pirated design. I saw them on E-bay and knew they were copied.That digitizer could be in serious trouble for copyrite infringements. The original discs are expensive as I wanted one and noticed how inexpensive they were on E-bay. I sure hope you can get your gift done in time. Good Luck. Merry Christmas.

by manami 20 Dec 2008

Oh my, that is terrible. Where this came from? Don't drink too much :) A big hug and a flower to cheer you up.

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dpickel by dpickel 20 Dec 2008

You are such a sweety! Thanks Yoriko! :) Hugs and a flower back!