by dpickel 20 Dec 2008

Done on felt. Velcro closures at back to keep closed after wrapping around the TP roll. Pattern from Emblibrary (4" Friendship Square Alphabet).

Left is in sages and beige for mom (hopefully she is so busy she won't be online and see this before Dec 25!...).

Middle is for my great uncle/brother in law (long story!). Done in Slate Blue and Peacock Green, with a dark grey border - sorry it's kind of hard to see in picture as the colours are farely close in tones.

Right is for my brother who has a bright lime green bathroom (ick). So... 3 shades of bright green and black to tone it down! LOL



by nini 21 Dec 2008

Beautiful! I think this is better than embroidering on TP! One can allways update it! ***

by castelyn 21 Dec 2008

They all look great

by bluebird32 21 Dec 2008

These are gorgeous, too. Now tell me - is there an easy pattern somewhere on how to make these covers. I'm not very clever, but trying to learn how to be so.

by stickmuster 21 Dec 2008

very nice alpha, ********

by grandmamek 21 Dec 2008

very nice work!

by michelej 21 Dec 2008

Great work. They look great....

by shirlener88 21 Dec 2008

Deb, very nice work and I too like the idea of the cover and much more practical in the long run and you can change it up some - depending on the season, too.

by migs 20 Dec 2008

nice, they look really well done

by lenamae 20 Dec 2008

very nice I think I will do covers from now on.

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dpickel by dpickel 20 Dec 2008

Thank you! I liked the idea too, because they are easy to change for themes, holidays, etc....

by debrar 20 Dec 2008

Love the idea. Thanks, I might can handle this.

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dpickel by dpickel 20 Dec 2008

Your welcome! I was embroidering right on the TP for a while, but decided I loked the cover idea better and came up with this simple plan... The felt works up beautifully and comes in such great colours these days! HAVE FUN!

by elaine45 20 Dec 2008

Beautiful TP covers....

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dpickel by dpickel 20 Dec 2008

Thank you. I love being able to "personalize" the colours to suit the bathroom or person...