by blessinge 18 Dec 2008

I embroidered this design on a sweatshirt for a Christmas gift. For the life of me, I cannot remember where the wolf design is from! I added a simple border to the design for a little flair. The wolf design is 4.21 x 7.07 and has 26,321 stitches.


by grandmamek 20 Dec 2008

very nice *4u

by michelej 20 Dec 2008

Wow, very good.

by migs 19 Dec 2008

great job; I think I hv this design also?

by blessinge 19 Dec 2008

Thanks for the nice comments everyone. You are all so wonderful.

by shirlener88 18 Dec 2008

Ardith, I have that design, too. Very good work.

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blessinge by blessinge 19 Dec 2008

Thanks Shirlene, any Idea where the design is from? I know it's not Embroidery Library,searched Ann the Gran, didn't find it there either.

by lenamae 18 Dec 2008

beautiful love the design

by gerryvb 18 Dec 2008

looks very nice

by stickmuster 18 Dec 2008

beautiful wolf design, *************

by ddoersch 18 Dec 2008

Looks like maybe from Embroideery Library... nice job, like the frame...

by nini 18 Dec 2008

Looks great! This design is unsual and very impressive, on the dark background. The sweatshirt will be very appreciated, for sure!***

by elaine45 18 Dec 2008

Great, I love anything Southwest. I am formally from New Mexico. You had a good idea to put it on a sweat shirt. I don't remember either but I am thinking maybe Ann the gran.