by jayemcee46 21 Nov 2008

A selection of Christmas cards for table sales. I embroidered on satin and put them into a window card and embellished with peel off. Snowflake, stocking and one colour candles are from the brother Christmas memory card. The other candle was a freebie from somewhere. I've changed the bobbin thread from the recommended brother one to a backing thread which I bought direct from a specialist manufacutrer who supplies industry with embroidery and ordinary threads. There is much less puckering to my embroidery now.


by sherylac 23 Nov 2008

Very nice cards, the satin looks very effective!!

by michelej 23 Nov 2008

Very nice crds

by lbrow 22 Nov 2008

Beautiful job jay *4U

by annmounce 22 Nov 2008

The cards are gorgeous ! I'm sure they'll be enjoyed.

by manami 22 Nov 2008

Very nice cards, Jayemcee! Well done!

by roslyn 22 Nov 2008

Very Nice. I don't like the Brother bobbin fill either. It's too stretchy.

by shirleysisson 21 Nov 2008

Lovely. *4U

by kttyhwk4 21 Nov 2008

So nice....

by shirlener88 21 Nov 2008

Jo, these are so lovely - thank you for sharing so much in your info, too!

by elaine45 21 Nov 2008

such beautiful cards...

by stickmuster 21 Nov 2008

Looks on sateen very noble. Really festively. ***

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jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 21 Nov 2008

thank you very much *4u Jo

by mops Moderator 21 Nov 2008

Lovely cards, the satin makes them very glossy. I recognize the Brother designs, bought that card a decade ago and still use those designs.

jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 21 Nov 2008

thank you ricky, I like this card too *4u Jo

mops by mops 23 Nov 2008

Actually I am Martine, Ricky is mpo14011