by dpickel 30 Aug 2008

I did this as a birthday gift for the grandson of a coworker. He has this exact "Green Cheek Conure" as a pet. Unfortunately the design was so thick, a little pucker was unavoidalbe, despite 2 layers of medium weight cutaway. The picture doesn't do him justice... Right adorable.


by mariahail 17 Nov 2008

I used to have one just like it, Had it for many years.***

by annmounce 17 Nov 2008

Embroidery work of birds is so pretty. I've collected and purchased several, but only done 2. Your project inspires me. Nice job.

by michelej 17 Nov 2008

It looks great!!!

by elaine45 16 Nov 2008

Great bird....

by gerryvb 16 Nov 2008

it looks very real, great job!

by sandralochran 15 Nov 2008


by sherylac 15 Nov 2008

lovely work!!

by manami 15 Nov 2008

Very beautiful! I think it looks great!

by persiancatlover 15 Nov 2008

verry beautifull bird

by sandralochran 01 Sep 2008

so cute

by lbrow 31 Aug 2008

I think he turned out gr8 *

by shirleysisson 31 Aug 2008

He's cute. *4U

by dkjack 30 Aug 2008

I think he is adorable.

by dlonnahawkins 30 Aug 2008

This still looks very nice. I have tried using double mesh, and it has worked well. Not as heavy as cutaway, and then does not show through either.

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dpickel by dpickel 31 Aug 2008

Thank you. I have never used the mesh. I will have to pick some up and try that! :)

by adelmarie 30 Aug 2008

Still looks real nice. I will guess you did not test stitch the design before you did the shirt, just a tip next time test it will take some thead and a scrap but will save you some headache and you can always use it latter for another project as an applique or for quilting. *2U

by grannyo 30 Aug 2008

I'm sure the pucker will not be noticed. I do better with iron on stabilizer. You might see how that works for you on your next T-shirt.

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dpickel by dpickel 30 Aug 2008

Thanks for the tip. I will have try that!

by roxsy 30 Aug 2008

it is very nice.A*4U

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dpickel by dpickel 30 Aug 2008

Thank you! :)