by anitapatch 28 Apr 2024

I am on the go with 2 cosmeticbags. This design was a free one in Pfaff , years ago. After that you could buy the design and now not even that. This design s letter is a perfume from lancome. Which was my mother in laws favorite perfym. She passed away in 1979 only 56 years old. now i am going to make 2 bags for 2 ladies who remember her. I have made several and they was given as gifts.


by mjene 25d ago


by peafarm 04 May 2024

Very lovely.

by dailylaundry 02 May 2024

These are lovely gifts to give your mother's friends! Beautiful!!

by noah 29 Apr 2024

Mighty fine idea add me to yur list please:):)

by mrskiki 29 Apr 2024

What a nice idea! And you have been very busy lately-really getting a lot of projects done. Hugs to you. Nan

by worthy 28 Apr 2024

Lovely design and wonderful thoughtful honor. All will be able to share beautiful memories.

by Tu2ml 28 Apr 2024

Such a lovely idea to honor your mother in law. I’m sure her friends will cherish your beautiful cosmetic bags.