by noah 24 Jan 2024

Heres what i been working on for the two weeks i had the 3 dogs ,never got much done ,but it is a start lol They went home just now .


by peafarm 26 Jan 2024

Amazing how you say you don't get much done and here you are with all of these. Quite nice and ready for next yr. now.

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noah by noah 26 Jan 2024

lol .it goes fast when there in the hoop to:):)

by sonjapotgieter 25 Jan 2024

These are Stuuning!!! great work

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noah by noah 25 Jan 2024

Thank-you kindly

by pennifold 25 Jan 2024

Gorgeous work Carolyn. I made these for all Mum's nurses for Christmas just gone. I didn't use scraps though, just used fat quarters. It's never too early to get Christmas projects underway. Love Chris

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noah by noah 25 Jan 2024

So true +++++hugs xxxxxx

by worthy 24 Jan 2024

Ohhhhhhh My Goodness, You always amaze me but this is beyond expected. Ashamed of myself for not creating ahead of time.
Love you stocking and appreciate the encouragement it gives me to get busy on Christmas 24. ;-)

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noah by noah 25 Jan 2024

Thanks 4 your kind words

by Tu2ml 24 Jan 2024

They are adorable. I admire you for getting an early start on next Christmas already. Seems I’m always finishing things up at the last minute.

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noah by noah 24 Jan 2024

i sure am going to try lol thank-you

by dailylaundry 24 Jan 2024

These are so cute! Great scrap use - well done! Hugs!

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noah by noah 24 Jan 2024

Thank-you :):0Love useing scraps