by noah 29d ago

I been working on these Stupid towels as men come to the sales and always say "theres nothing for men here"

Well last year i only made 4 and the men bought them,so this year i made 8.How many of u have turned a design and the writting never turned??Well look at the last one and have your laugh for the day.Thanks for looking Hugs Carolyn


by Mleodore 26d ago

They’re very cute

by peafarm 26d ago

I would take that to the sale. I find it hilarious. Some man might think so because of the saying or a wife for her husband as a gift to get the point across, lol. Great work on the towels.

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noah by noah 26d ago

Thanks My Pea Farmer xx

by basketkase 26d ago

Great job on these and I would think you will sell them all....

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noah by noah 26d ago

Tomorrow will tell all:):)

by pennifold 26d ago

This made me smile Carolyn. I did that once on a towel, I threw it away as it was taking me too long to unpick it. I now have one of those Echidna razor type things that removes stitches for you. By the way terrific effort on them all. Love Chris,

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noah by noah 26d ago

Thanks my friend xxxxx

by Tu2ml 28d ago

It’s perfect. And I agree with Worthy, I think you should take it to your sale. Gave me quite a chuckle, since I just recently had 2 friends tell me of their husbands’ mishaps with tools.

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noah by noah 28d ago

Lol Thanks 4 Looking:):)

by dragonflyer 28d ago

Great job, Carolyn...I am sure these will be very popular.

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noah by noah 28d ago

I do hope sew:):)Thanks kimxx

by sebsews 28d ago

Still, it is a towel that can be used. Great stitch outs too!

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noah by noah 28d ago

thanks :):)

by worthy 28d ago

I really think you should take it to the sale. The backword fits the saying and the fact it is on two even better, they don't know which to use even thought they are alike. ;-) I say it would be popular. They are all great and the men will have something to take home.

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noah by noah 28d ago

yes 4 sure thanks:):)

by AuntAnnie 29d ago

I bet a wife would purchase that to gift to her husband... you know the kind, the one who BELIEVES he can fix EVERYTHING. LOL.

My best error is when I forgot to change the thread colors when starting a new design. Only someone who was colorblind could have left that mistake pass by.

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noah by noah 29d ago

lol thanks for stopping by:):)

by sonjapotgieter 29d ago

Yes Been There Done It and Paid the consequence!

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noah by noah 29d ago

yep i turned the towel to the other end and made another design on it .Will give it to our family lol

by graceandham 29d ago

Do you have software where you can flip it upside down?

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noah by noah 29d ago

yes i do but++++++