by bemara 08 Sep 2023

A vaccination passport cover for my new roommate, as a transition until I know what he will look like grown up. Design: EmbLibrary

A good two weeks ago I had to redeem my soul cat because of illness after seventeen years, I still mourn :-(


by sonjapotgieter 11 Sep 2023


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bemara by bemara 17 Sep 2023

Thank You =^..^=

by basketkase 10 Sep 2023

I am so sorry for your loss.....but love that you are giving your love to another cuddly soul! Bless you....and love your passbook cover...

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bemara by bemara 11 Sep 2023

Hi Vicki, i am like you, once a cat mom - always a cat mom =^..^=

by peafarm 10 Sep 2023

I know too well how it is to lose your precious fur baby. Lost my doggie at 17 yrs. old. I told him I'd plant flowers back across the yard where he is buried. I walk to talk to his grave. Told the kids--no pets. I grieve for him too much. Excellent job on your cover. Really a cute design.

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bemara by bemara 11 Sep 2023

Hi Patti, I cried for a week and was just sad. The search for a partner for my cat was not easy for me. But it was worth it, the little cat makes us both happy. He will never be a replacement, but a new little personality that has conquered my heart. Maybe you still have room for a fur baby, all love Maria

by dailylaundry 09 Sep 2023

Wonderful passport cover! Seventeen years is a long time - of course you are still grieving for your cat. They are part of our family and we love and care for them and they give us so much back. Grief is the cost of love. Loads of love and hugs!! Laura

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bemara by bemara 09 Sep 2023

Hi Laura, at first I thought I couldn't take these goodbyes anymore. But it would be too selfish if my other cat had to stay alone. The little cat keeps us busy, the little prince - LOL, hugs Maria =^..^=

by 02kar Moderator 08 Sep 2023

We grieve as hard for our beloved fur babies. I wish I could wrap my arms around you. I love the cover you have created.

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bemara by bemara 09 Sep 2023

Thank you Karen, i had my Laila in my hand at the first breath and in my arms at the last breath, more love is not possible. She can not be replaced. My new kitten distracts me fortunately, the little whirlwind. =^..^=

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Sep 2023

Sorry to hear about your beloved cat. Love the cover you have created for your new cat’s medical passport

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bemara by bemara 09 Sep 2023

Thank you Caroline =^..^=