by noah ( edited 12 Sep 2023 ) 07 Sep 2023

Wanted to try the towel topper from Tattereds(too small a hole)and the big bug from design a stitch.(way to thick )

.Thanks 4 looking


by toogie 16 Sep 2023

Awesome job! Thanks for your reviews of your stitchouts. It’s always good to know, so we can be prepared. I didn’t read where you changed anything of the designs. What I read from this post is the designers, in your opinion, could improve the designs, by the hole being larger and the bug stitches not as dense. My machine can’t handle too many stitches on top of stitches and personally ( my opinion) I don’t like the hard feel of a too dense design. I will say both are gorgeous designs though and I really love the bug! Both stitched great!

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noah by noah 16 Sep 2023

Ah thanks My Friend for your kind words xxx

by basketkase 13 Sep 2023

This looks really great!

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2023

Thanks Vicki xx

by meganne 12 Sep 2023

I see you got the BUG/Fly from DesignAStitch. Their Copyright Policy is not the same as
Just thought I would let you know.

You may use our designs on personal garments/projects. You may also sell your projects where you have stitched out our designs. You may not share, copy, resell or distribute our designs in its original digital form. You may not purchase designs in a group buy or on behalf of someone else. Please use the gift certificate function on the website if you want to purchase designs for someone else as a gift. Discounts are given to clubs where bulk is purchased of the same design.
We try to ensure that the artwork used to create these embroidery designs is purchased from legal clip art distributors, if you see your artwork and its not for commercial use, please email me, the designs will be removed immediately."

That's the extent of their Copyright.

Just a suggestion my friend: I always Iron towelling flat using a fabric spray, before I embroider it, it makes it so much easier if designs are too dense or stitch heavy.
Huge Hugs n Roses

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noah by noah edited 12 Sep 2023

Oh thank-you my friend i will try that real soon:):)xx
Do you put www on top or just sew on the towel after ironed etc.?

by sonjapotgieter 11 Sep 2023

Still looking Awesome

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noah by noah 12 Sep 2023

thank-you :):)

by rescuer Moderator 09 Sep 2023

You cannot edit the design.

I added a link in case the picture doesn't show. You need to ask the digitizers (the ones that own the design) to edit or "fix" a design. You will need to look at the other websites policy too.

noah by noah edited 09 Sep 2023

I wasn't asking 4 help just showing what i had done .And no stitchs touched:):)

rescuer by rescuer 09 Sep 2023

Sorry, you misunderstood. No one is allowed to change or alter in any way the design. It isn't about design sharing or someone else fixing it for you. Unless it is the digitizer, it cannot be changed.

noah by noah edited 09 Sep 2023

I think i knew that years ago !! Nothing has been touched
so no worry

peafarm by peafarm 10 Sep 2023

I do love it Carolyn. The bug is Great!!!! I understand designs that feel like cardboard, my friend. Digitizer's ought to keep this in mind when testing. Break needles, might break machine--expensive repairs for us consumers and so on. I love it despite this. Nice job.

noah by noah 10 Sep 2023

Ah thanks my pea farmer:):)

by 02kar Moderator 08 Sep 2023

Looks good in spite of the issues you mention.

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noah by noah 08 Sep 2023

Thanks Karen .Hope you are well:):)

by worthy 07 Sep 2023

Agree, good information, thank you for sharing. Your stitchout looks pretty as always, I might want to swat the fly ;-) . lol

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noah by noah 07 Sep 2023

Well come on over and swat away lol xx

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Sep 2023

Carolyn it is always good to know of issues with something one of us has produced. Others can take evasive action if stitching out the design. Your work still looks good though

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noah by noah 07 Sep 2023

Thank-you kindly:):)