by Mleodore 18d ago

Halloween hand towel. Snap clip for my granddaughter and of course her new towel


by sonjapotgieter 12d ago

Gorgeous!!Love the Towel... Would love to do one!!

by peafarm 13d ago

These are some great gifts for your granddaughter. Wished my little greatgrands would put something in their hair. I love her name also. Great job on all.

by 02kar Moderator 17d ago

Awww, nice gift for your granddaughter and well done. I hope we get to you posting more projects.

by graceandham 17d ago

Precious little ghost design on your towel.

by asterixsew Moderator 18d ago

Lovely to see some of your work again. Lucky grand daughter

by basketkase 18d ago

Great job on these items...

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Mleodore by Mleodore 18d ago

Thank you and I love your pumpkin letters