by mops ( edited 25 May 2023 ) 25 May 2023

My neighbour asked me to embroider a large beach/bath towel. A relative sent her an invitation for a large birthday feast and could I embroider the design on the invitation. And could I please add 13 names of her and of her relatives who had been invited too. Well I digitised it and make a test on a handtowel. And today added all the requested names.

Here is a picture of the design.


by sonjapotgieter 07 Jun 2023

Stunning!! great job done!!

by basketkase 29 May 2023

Wow, is this ever the intricate design and how well it stitched on terry cloth.......amazing!

by Dodi2012 29 May 2023

It is beautiful.

by peafarm 28 May 2023

Hi Martene--haven't seen you here in a while or I've missed you. Your digitizing is lovely. You had quite the order from your neighbor and hope she loves what you've come up with. Great digitizing skills.

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mops by mops 29 May 2023

I have not embroidered much the last year or so. Did sew and knit a lot.
This was quite a job. Including the names digitising, repositioning the hoop and embroidering took me 12 hrs.

by dailylaundry 27 May 2023

Beautiful - I love your talent!!!

by asterixsew Moderator 26 May 2023

A unique piece of work and your neighbour must be happy if she is asking for so many names to be added

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mops by mops 29 May 2023

It will be a gift from all the people named on the towel for a man who 'has everything'.

by jrob Moderator 25 May 2023

You are amazing!

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mops by mops 29 May 2023


by pennifold 25 May 2023

Beautiful work Martine, the neighbour will love it. Love Chris

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mops by mops 29 May 2023

Thanks, I hope so.

by dlonnahawkins 25 May 2023

great the monograms you did

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mops by mops 29 May 2023

Thank you.

by Tu2ml 25 May 2023

This looks marvelous. I’m sure your neighbor will be quite pleased.

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mops by mops 29 May 2023

I certainly hope so, it took ages.

by graceandham 25 May 2023

Lovely design and especially liked the frame around the numbers.

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mops by mops 29 May 2023

I used golden metallic thread for the frame, that gives it a nice sparkle

by rescuer Moderator 25 May 2023

Excellent work! You are a very kind neighbour!

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mops by mops edited 29 May 2023

Thank you. My son takes me to Italy next month and I'll ask her to water my plants :)