by dlonnahawkins 3d ago

I was asked to do cruise shirts for our trip after school is out. Daughter and are taking the little granddaughter, and my great-granddaughter on her first cuise. She does not know about it yet, but we plan on letting her know when she graduates from kindergarten this Friday

She had asked to go on another girls trip, and asked her PopPop( my hubby) if he would buy us a hotel so we could go to the beach. LOL
So many of the hotels along out Florida coast are still going thru renovations from the hurricane that hit both coasts of Florida last year.


by pennifold 2d ago

Great work and have a fabulous holiday. Love Chris

by mops Moderator 2d ago

Love the shirts. Enjoy your trip!

by sonjapotgieter 2d ago

Going to be Great Surprise!!!Enjoy and build Memories!!

by worthy 3d ago

Great job on the shirts. Have a great time on your cruise. Next she will be asking PopPop for a ship. ;-)

by basketkase 3d ago

Awesome shirts!

by robertahilde 3d ago

Love the design and the colors you choose; you will be sailing in style!

by cfidl 3d ago

Wonderful shirts! You will be the hit of the boat.

by asterixsew Moderator 3d ago

Enjoy your trip wearing your lovely shirts