by noah 9d ago

This is for my friend Brenda who calls herself a bread head.I made homemade baked beans the other day and had homemade bread ,she said this is heaven lol


by sonjapotgieter 6d ago

Looks so inviting!!Great work completed!!!

by basketkase 7d ago

Great job with this the loaves of bread in a basket, great design.......

by robertahilde 7d ago

Very nice job Carolyn, Brenda will love it. Hugs Roberta

by peafarm 9d ago

I love, love, love fresh bread--soft squeezy kind but homemade for sure. Love your bread basket. The kids always want Granny's baked beans when they come or holiday meal but my bread doesn't always turn out. I'm sure I am not using all the correct flours and such or yeast is old, lol but refrigerated anyways.

by dlonnahawkins 9d ago

Carolyn, you are always doing for others. Love that.

And nothing is better than fresh baked bread. I used to make a lot of bread, but got away from it. But, still have to make what my grandkids call "gramma's bread" when we have family gatherings.

That is a very nice design, and well stitched.

by sebsews 9d ago

Very nice and I am sure she appreciated the gift.

by pennifold 9d ago

Great job and I so love the smell of bread baking. Your friend will love this. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 9d ago

Love this...and baked beans and bread too!

by worthy 9d ago

Great design for her and a wonderful job as usual. Thanks for the back story.