by Mleodore 28 Mar 2023

Thank you embroideres forum for the name. Fairy tooth pillow for a special little guy


by noah 01 Apr 2023

Love it .It should bring many smile to his little face:):)

by blueeyedblonde 30 Mar 2023

Great job!

by sonjapotgieter 29 Mar 2023

So Gorgeous!!!

by basketkase 29 Mar 2023

Love your bag......great job!

by Tu2ml 28 Mar 2023

Very cute! Jason will love it, especially if there is a large coin in the pocket…. Ok, I’m showing my age. Perhaps he would like it better with a paper monetary note in the pocket. Nicely done.

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Mleodore by Mleodore 29 Mar 2023

Thank you -I think in todays economy it’s probably a large bill lol.