by Tu2ml ( edited 28 May 2023 ) 01 Feb 2023

Bird Coasters to add to the house-warming gift for my sister in law. I made the coasters on my old (circa 1970’s) Singer sewing machine, then embroidered the birds on them. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out with such light/open designs on heavy rope coasters, but I think they look great. Hope she likes them, and I hope we can soon visit her on her new balcony for a drink! Thanks for looking.


by arisann 11 May 2023

Look great. I have not seen any like this. good work!

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml 12 May 2023

Thank you. My SIL said in their haste to pack up household items, they didn’t put coasters in their boxes for the new apartment. She was thrilled to receive them, and will use them both in the apartment and on the balcony. They get a beautiful sunset view from their balcony, and will spend a lot of time outside this summer.

by sharonleekesner 05 Feb 2023

These are beautiful and I thought I had them too. Nope ! When I looked on Emblibrary I tried various combinations to search and these birds don't appear. Do you still have an item number you could post? Thank you vor any help.

PamelaMetcalfe by PamelaMetcalfe edited 05 Feb 2023

Hi Sharon. I found the bird pack used in the above project.
Emblibrary pattern pack Number X15009 or X15010 depending on the size you want to do. And it is on sale at the moment. Just bought it myself. Love how the coasters turned out.

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 06 Feb 2023

Thank you so much!!!! I did not think to add Christmas to the dow. Thank you again.

by sonjapotgieter 05 Feb 2023

Stunning!!!Love It!!

by worthy 04 Feb 2023

One more nosy question Please. What size works best for the coasters.
As you may have guessed I haven't made any type of rope coaster of bowl but find it very interesting. Thank you for adding needle information and all the other comment you shared.

Tu2ml by Tu2ml 04 Feb 2023

They can be any size you like. These are approx 4.5” and designs are just under 4”. I try to stay close to 4 or 4.5”, and adjust based on the design size and diameter of rope used. I try to leave at least one ring around the edge to frame them.

worthy by worthy 04 Feb 2023

Thank you again. Big grin here, I just thought the rope was all one size. ;-) Lots to learn as you can see, Zoe
Thanks again.

by sunduk 03 Feb 2023

Оригинальная идея с бельевым шнуром. Птички великолепны!

by peafarm 03 Feb 2023

They turned out beautiful. I used the cotton clothesline years ago and then a new girl took over for me on sewing club so this became a 'new' project to do. Mine turned into a beehive with lid. I love it. I added FSL embroidered flowers and a bee to it. My first try was fabric covered rope and still use today for coasters. I've not embroidered on any yes but that teacher did. Again, beautiful designs and sure enhanced the rope. Great job.

Tu2ml by Tu2ml 03 Feb 2023

Thank you. I would love to see your bee hive. It sounds beautiful, especially with the FSL added.
That’s something I haven’t done yet, make a lid for my rope baskets. I have made several bowls and baskets in various shapes and sizes, but none with lids. Maybe next time.

peafarm by peafarm 04 Feb 2023

Today it is on page 27 on the projects tab. I don't know how to bring it up to the top again. Maybe if I make a comment on it again. Will try that.

worthy by worthy 04 Feb 2023

Thank you peafarm for bringing you beehive up. So so creative. Left remark over there. ;-)

by pennifold 03 Feb 2023

Well done they have turned out beautifully. I know your SIL will love them. I hope you can sit out on her new balcony and test out these beauties.

What does the back of these look like, did you have any trouble going through that thickness? Love Chris

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml edited 03 Feb 2023

Thank you. No, no trouble at all. I use 75/11 or 80/12 sharp needles most of the time and they work fine. This group of designs are lite and airy, done in the sketch style I think. So the backs are pretty tidy after clipping the jumps and thread tails.

by marianb 03 Feb 2023

Beautiful work.🧡

by dragonflyer 02 Feb 2023

Great job... clothesline is become so very popular to combine with embroidery...

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml 03 Feb 2023

Thanks. Yes, I see bowls, coasters, placemats, tote bags, and baskets everywhere these days embellished with embroidery. I have to admit, they are fun to make.

by dreamssewn 02 Feb 2023

Beautiful job and what a great idea of gifts of any kind. I'm in the process of making a bowl but stopped to put the embroidery on. Would you mind sharing where you got these beautiful birds? Thanks - Sandie

Tu2ml by Tu2ml 03 Feb 2023

Thank you. They are from a DOW pack at Embroidery Library. I just left off the Day text, as it wasn't necessary.

dreamssewn by dreamssewn 03 Feb 2023

Thank you. I thought I had these birds but I don't - yet.

by olly 02 Feb 2023

These are so beautiful. I am sure your sister-in-law will LOVE them. Those lightly stitched birds are perfect on the coasters.

by Tu2ml 02 Feb 2023

Thank you Cuties, for your kind words. These were fun to make and stitched up quickly. Seriously- it took longer to thread my machine than it did to actually complete the the stitching. I will definitely do this type of project again with a variety of designs. This year’s birthday and Christmas gift list might just include some new coasters.

by worthy edited 02 Feb 2023

Those are beautiful , Would you mind giving some details about how you made them? Did you have to change settings on machine to stitch on the cording? And is cording cotton or something else,did you make the coasters? Hope not to many questions.

Tu2ml by Tu2ml 02 Feb 2023

Thanks Worthy. Yes, I did make the coasters, using cotton clothesline. I did not need to change any settings on my machine, and they stitched out just fine. I imagine some machines might need the thread tension or presser foot adjusted, but luckily, mine handled the job easily with standard settings. Give it a try.

worthy by worthy 03 Feb 2023

Thank you for responding. It is something I have been wanting to try. Zoe

by justonlyme 02 Feb 2023

Creative idea, well executed! What a perfect housewarming gift! And they look great too! Good call!!

by noah 02 Feb 2023

Oh they are most lovely .She will be pleased c:):)

by 02kar Moderator 02 Feb 2023

Lovely! I hope the two of you are soon able to visit and enjoy the balcony.

by awesome1 02 Feb 2023

Would have thot a problem, but success, and they are beautiful.

by graceandham 01 Feb 2023

They stitched out beautifully. You are so brave.