by dlonnahawkins 29 Jan 2023

Friday our little 5-year-old great-granddaughter came home and told us she had a loose tooth. She was so excited, because she is one of the younger ones in her class. I decided that I had better get busy and get a tooth fairy pillow done for her.

The was not that hard, but I do not do what I call fiddle work well but got this done this afternoon. It has a pocket in the back to hold the tooth, and as she told me that maybe she would get a dollar, five dollars, or maybe even a hundred dollars. Boy, where have the days gone that we got a dime, and if we were lucky a quarter?
The design is from Planet Applique and is done in the hoop. I choose the 5x7 hoop, but thinking maybe I should have done the larger one.


by dragonflyer 02 Feb 2023

So cute!

by Tu2ml 01 Feb 2023

Oh, this is darling! Nicely done. I have some little ones in the family soon to be loosing their baby teeth. But most are boys. We have a few more years before the girls will be ready for the Tooth Fairy to visit. Where did you find the design?

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 02 Feb 2023

That design is from Planet Applique. It has two ways for you to make with. With the skirt, or without it. The pocket for the tooth and money is in the back.

Tu2ml by Tu2ml 02 Feb 2023

Thanks for the info. I’ll go take a look.

by basketkase 31 Jan 2023

OMG.......this is just adorable and will be loved forever!

by jrob Moderator edited 01 Feb 2023

Perfection and worthy of holding a $100 bill!

by bemara 30 Jan 2023

sooo cute, and great stich out, the designs from planet applique are magical, hugs Maria

by peafarm 30 Jan 2023

Oh, she is so beautiful. My youngest greatgranddaughter lost her first tooth recently and is 6. I'm glad I already made her pillow ITH also. She got $5 and yes, I was lucky if it was 10 cents to a quarter.

by 02kar Moderator 30 Jan 2023

What a cute story from a beautiful little girl. I love your tooth fairy pillow. It was worth every minute you spent making it. Wow! Even the tooth fairy has been hit by our worldwide inflation.

by sonjapotgieter 30 Jan 2023

So Beautiful!!! Great job done!!

by pennifold 29 Jan 2023

Great work Beth, the tooth fairy bag is delightful, your gg will love it. I hope the tooth fairy is generous. Love Chris

by dailylaundry 29 Jan 2023

Absolutely adorable!! I love how she believes she might get $100!!! This is a perfect Tooth Fairy Holder!!! Hugs! Laura

by asterixsew Moderator 29 Jan 2023

This is adorable and what a great place to put a tooth that has come out. I cannot remember how much the tooth fairy leaves in the UK but it must have increased since my two were at that stage

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dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 30 Jan 2023

Well, money doesn't get you as much as it used to.... Not when a candy bar is now nearly $2 here. I remember getting 3 for 10 cents back when I was little. Mother would give me a dime and let me go to store with my little twin brother and sister, and get 3 candy bars for a dime. Bu, as my Little great told her PopPop and Gigi (that is me) that we are very, very old. LOL

by worthy 29 Jan 2023

That is a sweet adorable tooth fairy pillow. Love the story with it. Have to agree about how teeth prices have gone up in little ones minds. ;-)

by graceandham 29 Jan 2023

Your Tooth Fairy is darling. Love the little sparkly ballet skirt especially.

by sunduk 29 Jan 2023

Думаю с таким милым зубиком правнучка будет не так переживать потерю своего зубика! Да еще и с денюшкой!