by noah ( edited 05 Dec 2022 ) 05 Dec 2022

This past summer my son tried his hand at raising rooster to eat as food.The wolves ate the first bunch .He asked me now what do i do Mom?I told him to put an electric fence around it And Waaaa it worked .Hope he has a laugh over this towel .lol


by justonlyme 07 Dec 2022

Where I live, the raccoons get the chickens, and every other living creature smaller than they are. And an electric fence is the ticket! They make very eerie sounds when they first "discover" the hot wire!!
I like your design on the towel too. L

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noah by noah 07 Dec 2022

Thanks 4 your kind words:):)L

by basketkase 07 Dec 2022

Great job, love the story behind it....

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noah by noah 07 Dec 2022

Well it is true lol hugs

by sebsews 07 Dec 2022

Thats a lot of crowing! Looks great and fitting!

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noah by noah 07 Dec 2022

Ah thanks Deb :):)

by pennifold 07 Dec 2022

Hi Carolyn, what a wonderful story about the Roosters and yes this pattern is just right for him. I hope he gets to try again after Winter is over. Love Chris

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noah by noah 07 Dec 2022

Oh he will he is building a coop (i think that is what he called it)Hugs Always xx

by peafarm 06 Dec 2022

Love this Carolyn. If I was younger I'd want chickens but no more. Would worry about coyotes, big bird predators unless I fenced them in real good all the way around. My daughter gets beautiful fresh eggs. He'll love this design. It is great to want to grow your own food.

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noah by noah 06 Dec 2022

Yes you should of seen his garden.Thanks my Pea Farmer:):)

by 02kar Moderator 06 Dec 2022

I have to chuckle seeing the towel after reading the story. I think you chose the perfect design. I hope the electric fence works perfectly and his new endeavor is successful.

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noah by noah 06 Dec 2022

So far so good It is winter here now .So come spring He will try again lol thanks

by worthy 05 Dec 2022

I like others enjoy hearing about your life. I was raised on a farm, but not in as remote area apparently as you. Thanks for sharing. He will get a wonderful laugh and love the towel.

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noah by noah 05 Dec 2022

I hope he does he likes what ole Momma makes lol

by asterixsew Moderator edited 05 Dec 2022

Carolyn I always love reading about the life you have. What a brilliant design for your son - I love it. How many roosters did he raise?

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noah by noah 05 Dec 2022

He had 30 that became Chicken Nuggets lol .
Then he bought another 15 they only weighted in at 6 pounds at time of there death lol
as they never had enough time to grown bigger .

by graceandham 05 Dec 2022

You are too funny. And what a great design for the occasion.

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noah by noah 05 Dec 2022

I try :):)Thanks