by cfidl 20 Nov 2022

This will be a completed project once I find out where I got this fsl alphabet from. I have checked many sites and google images to no avail. Any ideas? Thank you


by basketkase 23 Nov 2022

So pretty, Christine........glad you found it!

by cfidl 22 Nov 2022

I found it. Thank goodness I had backup from 2016, as SD has deleted quite a bit of purchase history. I kind of bought a lot of sets when they were $1. I am sure I did not pay $1 for this set. Anyways I am happy and hopefully will get a machine or 2 stitching this week.

by hairgoddess1 22 Nov 2022

I believe that the FSL Font is from Stitch Delight. #SD0724

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cfidl by cfidl 22 Nov 2022

I looked and did not see. Thank you so very much!

by peafarm 21 Nov 2022

Sure is a beauty.

by pennifold 20 Nov 2022

Sorry Chris, I don't have any clues. Love Chris

by worthy edited 20 Nov 2022

Don't remember having that, looked thru mine and didn't find. Hope you find it , sure is lovely

by noah 20 Nov 2022

Sorry can't help but it looks lovely

by cfidl 20 Nov 2022

I just found another site that threw away my purchase history, and this one will probably be the same.

by graceandham 20 Nov 2022

It's very pretty, wherever you got it!

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cfidl by cfidl 20 Nov 2022

I agree

by Midnight1 20 Nov 2022

Check embhome

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cfidl by cfidl 20 Nov 2022

nope, not in my account.

by Lsliane 20 Nov 2022

stitchdelight ---- search for FSL font


cfidl by cfidl 20 Nov 2022

This was the first place I checked. Thanks Liane.

Lsliane by Lsliane 21 Nov 2022

Thank you, I don`t know if I can write the site which sells designs ;)

rescuer by rescuer 21 Nov 2022

It is hard for us to know too. We do stay away from embroidery malls as they often have lots of violations.
Thank you for being careful!

cfidl by cfidl 21 Nov 2022

I have not checked the malls, lots of computer work to do again today. UGH!