by cfidl 22 Aug 2022

I finally found the way I want to stiffen my FSL. I made these coasters out of rounds designed I believe by Christie a long time ago. I used a metallic golden mica powder combined into epoxy for the edge then layered the piece in clear and then finished the bottom with the gold again. I think they are close to perfect.


by sonjapotgieter 29 Aug 2022


by dailylaundry 23 Aug 2022

These are wonderful!! Very very impressive! Well done, Hugs!!

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cfidl by cfidl 23 Aug 2022

Thank you thank you. Hugs back!

by sewtired 23 Aug 2022

Very nice, professionally made.

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cfidl by cfidl 23 Aug 2022

wow! That means a lot to me. Thank you!

by pennifold 23 Aug 2022

Hi Christie, these are just gorgeous and I love how you have treated them. Well done, love Chris

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cfidl by cfidl 23 Aug 2022

It took many years of waiting for me to learn this. Thank you so much for posting. Prayers all is well with Mom.

by 02kar Moderator 22 Aug 2022

These coasters are perfect! I enlarged the picture to see the detail and WOW!

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cfidl by cfidl 23 Aug 2022

Thank you Karen. I can hardly wait to try the white set. I have "diamond dust". .

by graceandham edited 22 Aug 2022

If you want to stiffen without the sparkle, save your topping tear-off pieces in an airtight box. As you need to stiffen or re-stiffen lace, dissolve a few shreds in freshly drawn tap water in a pump bottle (like you can get with hair products or at the beauty supply), shake and spray lightly onto FSL. I think Mops told us this way, way back. Just want to give credit, as I learned this and so much more on our beloved Cute sites. This is the free version of spray starch!

While I am on the subject, do you Cuties know not to wash away wash away in the sink drain, but in a large bowl and then hurl it in the woods. Otherwise, after about two or three years, or lots of lace, you will have an expensive plumber bill to clear out the pipe or replace it!

sewtired by sewtired 23 Aug 2022

I did not know that about the clogged drain. Thanks for that info!

cfidl by cfidl 23 Aug 2022

I knew it all. I am married to a plumber. Lol! Always dump wss outside.

by noah 22 Aug 2022

Awesome work:):)

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cfidl by cfidl 23 Aug 2022

Thank you Carolyn. Hugs to you!

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Aug 2022

Christine I love your work.

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cfidl by cfidl 23 Aug 2022

Thank you so much, you have not seen my failures. Lol!