by mrskiki 26d ago

Hi all. I have been mostly lurking and giving flowers. But I have been busy doing some sewing. Here are a few of my projects. First pic is of flags I made for myself and daughter and daughter in law. Next 2 are front and back of table topper for my sister. I actually made 2 of those. Last 2 are book pillows for granddaughter's end of the year teacher gifts. Hugs. Nan


by pennyhal2 7d ago

These brought back a wonderful memory of mine.

The "just one more chapter" pillow made me think of the mother of one of my 5th grade students. She caught me in the hall to tell me that she saw her daughter laying on her bed reading a book for the first time in her life! We are all teachers and never really know just what will inspire a child to read.

My step son was telling me that his wife was distressed that the kids didn't want to read. I told him that if you want a child to read you have to give them something they want to read. I sent him the book "The Day My Butt Fell Off." His wife wasn't pleased with the title, but all the kids read it. It really is a very funny book

by sonjapotgieter 10d ago

Awesome projects completed...Great work!!!!

by materialgirl 18d ago

Flags are cute.

by zoefzoef 19d ago

lovely projects! well done !

by peafarm 20d ago

MrsKiki--I have been like you, giving flowers and lurking seeing everyone's projects just unable to spend the time to give comments--trying a few before I get fussed at for being online too long. These are great projects and all look so fine. If I don't get to other people to comment just know I am looking.

by robertahilde 24d ago

So well done and the colors so bright and cheerful. I too like the pillow covers the most: a beautiful work indeed. Hugs Roberta

by pennifold 25d ago

Beautiful work Nan, I love everything. Love Chris

by sewmadau 25d ago

Love your beautiful projects the doilies are from Kreative Kiwi is that correct.

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mrskiki by mrskiki 25d ago

Yes I love Kreative Kiwi's designs.

by stork 25d ago

Love all your projects but especially like your flags!!!

by worthy 25d ago

Love all esp the book pillows. Teachers will love those. O' and I would say you have been doing more than lurking and giving flowers from all these. ;-)

by graceandham 25d ago

Love the colors in your Easter banners and the total design of the black, white and red book pillow. You've been a busy girl.

by toogie 25d ago

All of your projects are beautiful. I have often wanted to make a flag but wasn’t sure about what fabrics to use because of weather. Will yours have shelter? Love your pillows too. All your work is nice. What size is your hoop?

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mrskiki by mrskiki 24d ago

These flags are table top size for indoors. They are done in 200x200mm (8x8") hoop. I bought the original flag designs from Embroidery Garden and Bunnycup Embroidery and change the inside design to suit the holiday or season.

by crafter2243 Moderator 25d ago

A very nice collection of projects. The receivers of your work must be very happy. You did such great work with each of the items.

by asterixsew Moderator 26d ago

Love all the super work you have created and thanks for sharing