by noah 02 Apr 2022

Making My own Fabric for a zippered bag i want to make .What do you think?I am trying all my variegated thread only got 1/2 tried .Might be forced to make more lol Thanks 4 LQQKING hugs Noah


by loriziegler 08 Apr 2022

Sew pretty a one of a kind! I like it!

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noah by noah 08 Apr 2022

Thank-you very much:):)

by jenne 04 Apr 2022

How many decorative stitches do u have on your machine?

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noah by noah 04 Apr 2022

like hundreds like 35 per page

by pennifold 03 Apr 2022

That's a great idea to utilise all those stitches. I love my Epic too! Love Chris

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noah by noah 03 Apr 2022

Great machines Had mine for s few years .

by peafarm 03 Apr 2022

Put handles and a finished pocket in the middle and fold it together and tuck it inside the pocket for your grocery bag or mail bag maybe. I love the colors and the designs on your machine.

noah by noah 03 Apr 2022

Maybe one day i will but i hope it walks first lol hugsxxx

peafarm by peafarm 04 Apr 2022

Well, just walk it on down to me yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah--reminding me of an old song. Hey what can I say, I love bags--no one else claimed!

by sonjapotgieter 03 Apr 2022

Stunning!!! Great job done!!

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noah by noah 03 Apr 2022

thanks :):)

by dailylaundry 03 Apr 2022

Cool idea and I love the look of variegated thread!! Well done! Hugs!

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noah by noah 03 Apr 2022


by worthy 02 Apr 2022

Wonderful idea thread and the dec stitches on your machine. Guessing from what you said you will run out of stitch designs before you do your variegated thread? ;-) Excited to see end result.

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noah by noah 03 Apr 2022

The piece is filled and i only used half of them at the most lol

by 02kar Moderator 02 Apr 2022

I think what you have stitched would make interesting pieces for the bag. I hope you continue to have fun with your thread.

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noah by noah 02 Apr 2022

Thanks Karen hugs xx

by sebsews 02 Apr 2022

That looks great! Love the variegated thread. I knew once you made that zipper bag, we would see more bags from you. Once a bag maker always a bag maker. But of course, you have many other talents too.

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noah by noah 02 Apr 2022

Ah thanks 4 your kind words:):)xx

by pennyhal2 02 Apr 2022

Now that's a great idea to use all the decorated stitches your machine has. I'm looking forward to see the finished bag!

I might do this and write the settings I used next to each row. I think it would be handy to see the stitches stitched out for reference.

noah by noah 02 Apr 2022

It would be a mighty fine idea ,but i would likely loose it so i half to use it lol

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 03 Apr 2022

Yep. I lose things too even after I put them in a "safe" place!

by virginiamaxwell 02 Apr 2022

I love it I like the variegated threads they are so pretty. Nice job Noah. Thanks for sharing

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noah by noah 02 Apr 2022

My pleasure hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Apr 2022

Carolyn looks like your having fun

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noah by noah 02 Apr 2022

You got it :):)