by asterixsew 02 Apr 2022

Fresh out of the embroidery frame. My lovely next door neighbours recently moved and we now have Kim and family next door. We have been invited to a house warming so have embroidered a tea towel with their address (which is blanked out)


by peafarm 09 Apr 2022

I am sure she will love her gift. That was a grand gesture and great welcoming gift.

by toogie 08 Apr 2022

This is a gift that she can always have to remember, if she moves again. I remember our first address, but not the rest. Thoughtful and one of a kind gift.

by pennifold 03 Apr 2022

Very thoughtful of you Caroline and glad to hear the recipient loved it. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 03 Apr 2022

Awesome and Great Idea and gift!!!

by airyfairy 03 Apr 2022

What a super idea.

by worthy edited 03 Apr 2022

Lovely gift, and wonderful & thoughtful idea to personalize it that way. She will love it.

by dailylaundry 02 Apr 2022

Love - love - love the idea - they will be so pleased!! Enjoy the house warming party!!

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asterixsew by asterixsew 02 Apr 2022

It was a lovely party and Kim was delighted with her personalised tea towel

by pennyhal2 02 Apr 2022

What a nice thing to do for them! Very clever too!

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asterixsew by asterixsew 02 Apr 2022

Thanks. see you recently reached 33,000 flowers - congratulations

by 02kar Moderator 02 Apr 2022

What a nice welcome gift. Well done and hope you all have a lovely time at the party.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 02 Apr 2022

Karen thanks and I know it is a unique tea towel