by jenne 26 Nov 2021

I am making a runner which looks best the plain or the one with stitching?


by jenne 29 Nov 2021

To explain: the lines going up and down when it marked where I wanted my letter I used a water erasable pen , I have use these on so many thing and no trouble with them being washed away, until this time and the blue ink would not wash out so I did the line to cover it. will be more careful in the future. plan to used the plain as my friend like it best.

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noah by noah 30 Nov 2021

great :):)

by hoplessnz 28 Nov 2021

Plain for me to

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jenne by jenne 29 Nov 2021


by peafarm 28 Nov 2021

Without lines for me.

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jenne by jenne 30 Nov 2021


by pennifold 28 Nov 2021

Plain one for me too Jenne, the stitches up to and at the end of the L spoil the beauty of the letter. Love Chris

by worthy 27 Nov 2021

I'll vote for plain. Would like the stitch one with just around edges as others said. However still vote for the simple plain one. Love its stand alone.

by zoefzoef 27 Nov 2021

love the stitching !!!

by killiecrankie 26 Nov 2021

The only thing I do not like about the the design,is the lines through the design,it spoils it.

by bevnorris 26 Nov 2021

Hah! I like them both, but agree with Noah for the stitching to be just around the edges. It is a delightful design beautifully executed. Congratulations!

by noah edited 26 Nov 2021

Plain I like the lines but not going through the center design.So try just the two set of lines.

by graceandham 26 Nov 2021

The plain. Such a pretty stitching. (Merry Christmas!)

by sonjapotgieter 26 Nov 2021

I think the Plain is Stunning

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jenne by jenne 26 Nov 2021