by noah ( edited 11d ago ) 11d ago

Love this design.It makes one think .Don't you agree? thanks for LQQKING hugs Noah


by pennifold 9d ago

That looks amazing Carolyn, it reminds me of the cat looking in a mirror and seeing a Lion! Love Chris

noah by noah 9d ago

Yes i saw that design somewhere??lol

noah by noah 8d ago

Ut design

by basketkase 9d ago

Oh my both designs, Carolyn......great job!

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noah by noah 9d ago

Thanks my friend hugsxxx

by wellsa 10d ago

Beautiful !

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noah by noah 10d ago

Thanks for LQQKING!!!

by peafarm 11d ago

I do not understand why I can see some pictures and others not showing up. I clicked on yours and it just says images and a number 1 & 2. Same with the snowflake on another person's. What I do see and can read says Canine but can't read the rest but I know I love that towel holder and is one of my favorite too. Sorry I can't see what I should think about, lol.

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noah by noah 10d ago

Oh dear my pea farmer i will email it to you

by sonjapotgieter 11d ago

For sure!!!Beautiful!!

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noah by noah 11d ago

thanks for looking

by pennyhal2 11d ago

Yep. My dogs think they are alot bigger than they are too! The bee is so graphic and sure can be used many different ways. I have so many bees that it takes me forever to choose which one fits my project best. I like how you do these on towel toppers.

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks the topper is from tattered Stitches

by worthy 11d ago

Agree, Great job as usual. Thanks for sharing.

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks for looking hugs

by sebsews 11d ago

Yes it does, great job, and I like the top too.

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 11d ago

Yes a great design and I thought about buying but didnt. From seeing your work maybe I need to reconsider

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noah by noah 11d ago

yes it is an amazing design