by babash 16 Feb 2021

Embroidered Ladies.

I made some Curtains for my Cousin and had a piece left over and saw this design and wanted to try out the lettering on the new software I had bought and this is the result.
Not sure how I will finish it off. Hubby said frame it for the sewing room but not sure yet. Any suggestions?
Thanks for looking.


by sebsews 20 Feb 2021

So adorable! Not much better than coffee with a friend! Makes me miss my coffee buddy. Great job!

by peafarm 19 Feb 2021

Love this design and you stitched it out so fine. Framing it with sashing to make it a little larger for quilted picture on a stand for the kitchen counter would be cute.

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babash by babash 19 Feb 2021

Thank you. I am playing around with it and putting sashings around it. I have some iron on batting coming that I have never used before so will see how it goes on this.

by pennifold 18 Feb 2021

Great design, but at 7x11 I agree it's a bit big for a coffee coaster, so maybe a snacks placemat! Love Chris

by robertahilde 17 Feb 2021

The design is pretty and so well stitched, I too love the idea of a pillow.
Hugs Roberta

by sonjapotgieter 17 Feb 2021

It is Beautiful!!!Gorgeous design!!!

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babash by babash 17 Feb 2021

Thank you

by pennyhal2 17 Feb 2021

I'm not sure how big this is, but, if you have a friend that you have coffee with, put it on a pillow and give it to her! What motivated you to stitch out this design? Did you have a friend in mind?

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babash by babash 17 Feb 2021

7x11 Hoop size so a bit bigger than that.
I just saw the design and liked it and the fact that they are holding up coffee mugs made me think of the words.

by bemara 17 Feb 2021

So cute, i love it :-)

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babash by babash 17 Feb 2021

Thank you

by noah 16 Feb 2021

Quilt it and use it as a coaster ?

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babash by babash 17 Feb 2021

Thanks. That's a possibility