by jenne 13 Nov 2020

A small Book marker easy to, but one of my favorites. the red I give at Christmas the yellow at Ester time.


by mops Moderator 17 Nov 2020

I love them in both colours. Thanks for showing them.
I was asked to come up with something for the elderly in our church; having seen yours I think I'll stitch out some of the crosses I once digitised (I see I posted them in Projects in 2012). Now let's hope I can find the designs somewhere in my files.

by pennyhal2 15 Nov 2020

Now, that was a great idea to vary the colors of the flowers for each season! I'm hoping to have time to make some to give to my neighbor. She makes her own Christmas cards and I'm sure she'd love them to use.

by stork 15 Nov 2020

Wonderful designs stitched out beautifully for you.

by robertahilde 14 Nov 2020

They are lovely and one of my favourite too. Great job!

by gandu 14 Nov 2020

Beautiful FSL cross love it.

by peafarm 14 Nov 2020

Very lovely.

by dragonflyer 14 Nov 2020

Very nice...

by ewaileon1 14 Nov 2020


by tabbybenji 14 Nov 2020

Very pretty. I Love freestanding lace

by Bielies 14 Nov 2020

Really lovely, so delicate.

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jenne by jenne 14 Nov 2020

this was a freebie several years ago, I do not think she is in business now, because of her health.

by dailylaundry 13 Nov 2020

Absolutely beautiful - great job!

by noah 13 Nov 2020

Love it and it looks so lovely:):)Hugsxx

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jenne by jenne 14 Nov 2020

These are great Bible markers.

by pennifold 13 Nov 2020

They look perfect Jenne, well done. Love Chris

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jenne by jenne 14 Nov 2020

they do sew out perfect , just hoop and stitch.

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Nov 2020

Very delicate looking work

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jenne by jenne 14 Nov 2020

yes and can be any color of the flowers or take off the flower and put a name.

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Nov 2020

They are both beautiful and wonderful gifts to make. Great job

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jenne by jenne 14 Nov 2020

yes, easy to make to give as a small gift, i put a thin ribbon at the top through the little loop.

by worthy 13 Nov 2020

WOW, those are lovely. Well done

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jenne by jenne 13 Nov 2020

Thanks, I have a lot of book markers, but this my favorite a very easy to do, I can put two of the in my smallest hoop.