by basketkase 15d ago

I think this is my favorite Santa I have done....I have been working on it off and on for several weeks.....these type designs, at least for me, take way longer than a normal fill to digitize......anyway, he will be up on my website tonight called BW Santa......I could see him done in all white and all red too, right?


by mops Moderator 14d ago

But now you've got a stunner. Well done!!!

by dragonflyer 14d ago

I love these kinds of designs as they can be digitized without many jumps which makes them a pleasure to stitch...

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basketkase by basketkase 14d ago


by pennifold 15d ago

He is a stunner Vicki. I am a collector of Santas. He is rather a jolly fellow. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 15d ago

In my wish list 😊😊

by stork 15d ago

Love this Santa. The details are wonderful. Another great piece of work!

by pennyhal2 15d ago

Now that is a really special Santa! So unique and definitely would work in different thread colors too. I'm sure this will end up in my stash of designs!

by noah 15d ago

The best one i have seen so far this year of the OLD BOY:):)

by asterixsew Moderator 15d ago

A great looking Santa. Thanks

by airyfairy 15d ago

Now that is what a Santa should look like. Hope you are feeling better.

by gramsbear 15d ago

I am not a Santa person, but he is wonderful! I will be getting him too!... Thanx Vicki!...You do Great work!...Most of them I see are not correctly together, but he is top notch... Hugs, Judy...

by sharonleekesner 15d ago

Oh my goodness sake's, he is beautiful and he will be mine. Come to me Santa.

by toogie 15d ago

He looks so realistic Vicki, I love him too. He looks as vintage as he is!!!