by basketkase 16d ago

Dearest is the 1st day I feel like I am going to be normal soon......go to doctor this afternoon, so will see what he says.....anyway, I have had time to get another free alphabet ready for you all......I call it Winter Alphabet and this one will start after the construction alpha is finished.......I have to say it felt good to stitch this morning, thank heavens!


by orangetiger 13d ago

Such a happy good day for you. I have been following the good wishes and just love your designs. Hang in there.

by sharonleekesner 13d ago

Very cute alphabet but the best news is you feeling better. Here's to more healing, less pain and great enjoyment in life.

by momac 16d ago

Thank you once again. Hugs Maureen

by dragonflyer 16d ago

Wonderful news... hoping you continue your full and speedy recovery...

by sewtired 16d ago

Yippee! Hope the doctor confirms that you are doing well. Very nice alphabet too. Thanks.

by stork 16d ago

SO wonderful to hear you are feeling so well. I pray that the doctor appt went well. Love this alphabet!

by toogie 16d ago

Glad to hear you feel like you've turned the corner and may feel normal soon. You have had a terrible go of it. The letters look nice too.

by shirley124 16d ago

Hoping you get good results. The Winter Alphabet looks good. Hugs

by mops Moderator 16d ago

So glad you are feeling better!
I love the variation in the snowy tops, it gives the very pretty letters that little extra.

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by graceandham 16d ago

It's darling and I hope you turn out cute, too. Still praying.

by dailylaundry 16d ago

Winter alphabet looks wonderful - thank you. I am so happy you're beginning to feel better. May each day bring healing and less pain! Hugs, Laura

by noah 16d ago

Hope u get a great check-up:):)

by 02kar Moderator 16d ago

Pretty! Glad to hear you are beginning to feel better. Can't wait to hear news on what the doctor says so we know what to pray for.

by sonjapotgieter 16d ago

Such Awesome designs!!!Great