by crazypatchmama 13 Oct 2020

Hi, Hope it is ok to post this here, the cloud is ith and everthing else is machine embroidered. It is a gift for the granddaughter of a friend. Hugs, Mary


by toogie 19 Oct 2020

Very nice Mary and the perfect place to post embroidery projects. Love the pink fabric and stitching the design looks perfect.

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crazypatchmama by crazypatchmama 22 Oct 2020

Thank you, Toogie, wish I could be as productive as you. Hugs, Mary

by pennifold 16 Oct 2020

Well done Mary, something to cuddle too. Love Chris

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crazypatchmama by crazypatchmama 17 Oct 2020

thank you, Chris, for your kind comments as always. Love, Mary

by peafarm 15 Oct 2020

Sweet pillow. Made my first one at Christmas last yr. for my youngest Great grand girl and she can't read but she likes her Princess Book I stuck in it with all the princess pictures. Her sissy needs one now she's learning to read. Great job!

by sonjapotgieter 14 Oct 2020


by sebsews 14 Oct 2020

Adorable and a great job, she will love it.

by dragonflyer 14 Oct 2020

So cute, Mary....

by basketkase 14 Oct 2020

So cute....cuddly too......

by 02kar Moderator 14 Oct 2020

Ohhh, very cute and looks so huggable.

by noah 13 Oct 2020

Love it and sew will they hugsxx

by mariagiannina 13 Oct 2020

Beautifully done!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Oct 2020

So very cute. I love the star on the foot imprint. Your friends granddaughter will love it I am sure.

by dailylaundry 13 Oct 2020

How sweet and wonderful stitching - I am certain, your friends granddaughter will be so pleased! Hugs, Laura

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Oct 2020

Yes you have posted in the right place. What a sweet cushion and hope the grand daughter enjoys it as she grows but Im sure her mother will be delighted with it

by babash 13 Oct 2020

Lovely well done.