by awesome1 17 Jul 2020

Never let me near wet paint! The blue paint smear on the knee of my pants, gave me an idea for saving. Put this hero standing in blue water (paint). Unfirtunately, I was hurried and didn't plan is upside down. Lost khaki pants anyway-sob.


by worthy edited 25 Jul 2020

You made a great recovery.

by airyfairy 23 Jul 2020

I think you are the “hero”. Placing the bird in the exact place.

by awesome1 18 Jul 2020

Great suggestions, but I decided to cover with pockets ( I love pockets- phone, coins, etc).

asterixsew by asterixsew 18 Jul 2020

Great material for your pockets

mops by mops 19 Jul 2020

Great solution!

sewpam by sewpam 19 Jul 2020

Nice Save and more functionable.

pennifold by pennifold 19 Jul 2020

Now that’s thinking outside the square! Love Chris

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 23 Jul 2020

Great job!

airyfairy by airyfairy 23 Jul 2020

Great double save

by pennifold 17 Jul 2020

Well as an Aussie, if I did that I'd just say

"I come from the land downunder and that's how we see everything!"

Ha ha ha!!!! Love Chris

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awesome1 by awesome1 18 Jul 2020

So funny! Would that excuse work for me tho, in Tennessee, USA. I might fe hauled

by dailylaundry 17 Jul 2020

I love Martine's idea of sewing it right side up and it would look like a reflection! Sounds like a good idea!!

by pennyhal2 17 Jul 2020

I think I'd leave it just as it is. It would make a great conversation starter! Sometimes, what I think are the worst problems turn out to be something wonderful.

by mops Moderator 17 Jul 2020

Could you sew it upside down as well, so it looks like a reflection?

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 17 Jul 2020

Great idea!!!

awesome1 by awesome1 18 Jul 2020

I might have tried that if I had not leaped ahead w/pockets. Just casual pants, so the 'carry-alls' will be handy. Thx for time I will try that. If I get blue paint on me..haha

by sonjapotgieter 17 Jul 2020

Can maybe still be put to use???So sad!!

by stork 17 Jul 2020

Cute them off for shorts and make a tote bag out of the legs saving your bird! love the idea and design

by sharonleekesner 17 Jul 2020

Awesome save. Well the idea and all. I would probably cut him out, in a rounded square. Make another rounded square of a light color material. Sew that in the area and put the embroidered piece back on with a decor stitch. I really love your idea.

by cfidl 17 Jul 2020

If the design is above the knee, it would be perfect for you to look at. Also a great conversation starter. Lol!

by awesome1 17 Jul 2020

Sorry..that is 'heron'.