by anitapatch 14 Jul 2020

Made a top for a quilt ready today. Used printing on fabric with my homeprinter , some machineembroidery and some quilting


by phone1lady 30 Jul 2020

That is a very beautiful wall hanging

by toogie 28 Jul 2020

Beautiful wall hanging! You must have one fine printer,too. Colors and images are brilliant!

by hightechgrammy 24 Jul 2020

That is so sweet!
cute how you put it all together! Love it

by blueeyedblonde 18 Jul 2020

Great job!

by peafarm 15 Jul 2020

Excellent! I have some of that ink printer paper but never have I used it. I see the ink cartridges flying out the window. My husband seems to think I don't need a printer!

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anitapatch by anitapatch 16 Jul 2020

My printer is new but not an expensive one. HP Deskjet 2630 . Prints perfect. And the fabricsheets , they are quite expensive , you can wash them. I now if you live in USA there are other, but they don´t send abroad , it´s is spray´s

by pennifold 14 Jul 2020

Brilliant work Anita, some beautiful dogs there. Love Chris

by dailylaundry 14 Jul 2020

This is such a great idea!!! Love it!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Jul 2020

What a wonderful collage of dogs. Turned into a great quilt. Love the paws accent.

by sonjapotgieter 14 Jul 2020

That is Stunning!!!You did Excellant job!!!!Love it!!!

by pennyhal2 14 Jul 2020

That's a fantastic print out of your dogs and what a great way to present it!